PAZ Conference

The Permanent Autonomous Zones (PAZ) Conference was a conference that took placein Louisville, Kentucky from August 31 to September 3, 2001. It was a mostly anarchist(mostly anarcho-punk, actually) gathering to share skills and theories surroundingthe need to build long-lasting alternative organizations (what I would call institutions)to carry out our proactive resistance to the current oppressive state of society.I have mixed feelings about the conference, but it had its high points, and I amglad that I attended.

Alas, due in large part to "security culture," I didn't go around snappingpictures of everyone at the conference. However, here are the two pictures that Idid get:

The Brycc House: The Brycc House, also known as the Bardstown Road Youth CulturalCenter, is the place where the conference took place. It is an old theatre that isbeing run by mostly youth as a youth center to give the young people of Louisvillesomething enjoyable and entertaining to do - as opposed to the programs and activitiesat other youth centers set up by non-youth.

The Brycc House Pirate: On our last nightat the conference, we were graced with a visit from the Brycc House Pirate. Knownfor his propensity for eating fascists alive, the Brycc House Pirate arises oncein a blue moon out of the trash and litter left behind by a decadent capitalist-statistsociety.