Continue The Struggle Against Fracking

Illinois State Rep. John Bradley's bill to speed up fracking has failed miserably. Thank you to everyone who came out to various events yesterday to declare your opposition. Your efforts surely helped to bring a swift and decisive end to this outrageous bill.

People in Springfield and the fracking industry now know that the frackivist movement is alive and well in Illinois. We were able to mobilize a significant number of people over a holiday weekend in at least two major locations across the state. The ultimate result was the sudden death of an ill-conceived pro-fracking bill. This is good news.

However, as we celebrate this victory, we must remember that this was just one bill. The broader struggle against fracking continues. 

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Stop The Bradley Bill And Ban Fracking

Over Memorial Day weekend, Illinois State Rep. John Bradley introduced legislation to effectively throw out public input on fracking and begin fracking immediately in Southern Illinois. Please join me in opposing and resisting this effort to circumvent public feedback and

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Strange Beginnings

I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new short story collection!

Strange Beginnings is a collection of short stories that all take place in the same setting as my novel, Change. These tales all relate in some way to the theme of strange beginnings — and often strange endings. 

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My Public Comment About Fracking

Over the course of the public comment period on the IDNR's administrative rules on fracking, I've made numerous comments online, either through the IDNR comment form or through The following is a copy of my spoken comments at the IDNR hearing on December 19, 2013 at the Student Center in Carbondale, IL. I also submitted a written copy of my comments at the hearing.

The IDNR has been given an impossible task: the task of making fracking safe. Many of us in this room are also facing what seems like an impossible task: the task of convincing the IDNR that the proposed rules are broken.

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