Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Now that my health and energy levels are starting to improve in a fairly steady and consistent manner, I’ll have more news soon about what I plan to do in the community with this newfound energy, and what I encourage

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I open the door with a sigh. The unfinished hardwood floor of my bedroom is clear of clutter. A basket full of laundry rests by my bed with a lingering scent of lavender. My desk is covered in odds and

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Vote Green in 2008

My last entry was about the “Don’t Just Vote, Get Active” campaign. I should have more news on the active portion of that equation for you soon. In the meantime, I have the first official endorsement of a political candidate

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Don’t Just Vote, Get Active

Back in 2004, there was a campaign by the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective and its allies called “Don’t Just Vote, Get Active.” This campaign argued that whatever our thoughts may be on voting versus non-voting, we should still focus the bulk

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My name is Treesong. I'm a father, author, talk radio host, and Real Life Superhero. I live in Carbondale, Southern Illinois. I write novels, short stories, and poetry, mostly about the climate.

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