Free Kindle Giveaway: Change and Goodbye Miami

On April 29, in honor of the People’s Climate March, I’ve decided to give away free Kindle edition copies of both of my climate fiction (cli-fi) novels!

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Book Review: The Doubt Factory by Paolo Bacigalupi

After thoroughly enjoying several of Paolo Bacigalupi’s books geared toward adults, I decided to read his “Young Adult” books, including The Doubt Factory.

The Doubt Factory definitely has a YA feel. But even as a not-quite-young adult, I really enjoyed it. And the political themes it explores are highly relevant for people of all ages.

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The Progressive Resistance

resistEver since Election Night, Donald Trump and his incoming administration have been met with resistance. I have been — and continue to be — impressed by the vocal public outrage, spontaneous grassroots organizing, and dramatic direct and indirect actions┬áthat have already been mobilized in response to a man and an administration that have embraced a form of neofascism.

The longer this resistance lasts, the more I start thinking about long-term solutions. How do we sustain and grow this progressive resistance? And what is our constructive vision and strategy for the future?

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Free Kindle Giveaway: Goodbye Miami

In honor of the inauguration of our new Climate Denier in Chief, I’m doing a free giveaway of my climate fiction novel Goodbye Miami!

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