Climate Fiction Resources

Climate fiction, also known as cli-fi, is any fiction that contains significant climate themes or references. The genre, style, tone, mood, and other elements of climate fiction are just as diverse as its authors and readers. Whatever type of fiction you prefer, there’s a climate fiction story out there for you.

Why does climate fiction matter? Writing, reading, and discussing climate fiction are all important ways to break the climate silence. Exploring climate change in a fictional setting is a creative (and enjoyable!) way to deepen our understanding of the climate crisis and its solutions. A good story full of vivid imagery, fascinating characters, an engaging plot, and so on is more compelling for most readers than any chart, report, or policy proposal. Even if the particular details of the story don’t relate directly to any specific practical solutions to the climate crisis, such stories are still a good way to awaken our imaginations and inspire us to think and talk about climate change in new ways.

Whether you’re a new climate fiction reader or a climate communicator doing research on the topic, the following list of online climate fiction resources should help you find the particular works of climate fiction and climate discourse that are right for you.

If you’re looking for climate poetry, check out my Climate Poetry page. If you have any additions, corrections, or other suggestions to share please contact me.

Climate Fiction Novels and Short Stories

Climate Fiction Reviews, News, & Interviews

  • My book reviews. Almost all of my book reviews are reviews of climate fiction. Check my Book Reviews page for detailed reviews of climate fiction titles that I’ve read and found interesting enough to review.
  • Burning Worlds: Climate Change in Art & Literature. Burning worlds is a monthly column/newsletter about how writers and artists are thinking about climate change. It includes interviews, reviews, analysis, and other good content about why climate fiction and climate art is relevant to the literary world, the art world, and beyond.
  • The Cli-Fi Report (CFR) is a research tool for academics and media professionals to use in gathering information and reporting on the rise of the emerging cli-fi term worldwide.