Hi! My name is Treesong. If you’re reading this, you probably already know something about me. I’m a father, husband, author, talk radio host, and Real-Life Superhero. I write fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, mostly about the climate.

I also have a “nonstandard” name.

My full legal name is Treesong. It’s a single-word first name with no last name. I had my name legally changed to Treesong in 2002. If you want the short version of the story behind this name, check out my Origin Story page. It’s a Real-Life Superhero origin story, so be prepared for some cheesy framing.

This “nonstandard” name has led to a lot of strange experiences that make for interesting stories. I’m writing this post about my name because I have a new story to tell, but first allow me to share some of the classic name-related tales from the Adventures of Treesong.

A very merry unbirthday to you! My birthday is coming up on May 19. I’m not having my usual big party this year because spreading a deadly virus isn’t my idea of a good time. Therefore, all celebrations that involve friends will have to take place online this year.

I invite you to celebrate with me online! In lieu of gifts, here are a few suggestions for how you can celebrate my birthday with me.

My first novel, Change, now has wider distribution! In other words, you no longer have to go through Amazon to get a copy of Change.

I announced in February that I was expanding distribution of my writing beyond Amazon. Due to the pandemic and various other delays, that transition is taking longer than I originally planned. However, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just published the ebook edition of Change to all of the distribution channels available through Draft2Digital. This currently includes Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo (including Kobo Plus), Tolino, OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Scribd, 24Symbols, Baker & Taylor, and Hoopla. I’ll also be publishing a print edition of the novel through Draft2Digital soon. Their print publishing is currently in beta testing and I’m on the list to participate in that beta soon.

For better or worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world.

As I’m writing this, the COVID-19 Dashboard reports that over 3 million people have been infected, with over 230,000 cases resulting in death. The U.S. has by far the most infections, with over a million infected and over 60,000 dead.

The effects of the pandemic extend far beyond those infections and deaths. Four billion people have been placed under various shelter-in-place and lockdown orders. This has created dramatic social, economic, and political disruptions, effectively shutting down “business as usual” in much of the world.

Just how long this pandemic will last, and how devastating its toll will be, remains to be seen. However, some U.S. states are now lifting their lockdown orders prematurely, without following World Health Organization guidelines for doing so. This reckless approach to pandemic recovery will likely lead to additional spikes in infections and deaths in the US. That places those of us living in the U.S. in the bizarre and unjust position of having to grapple with major questions about how to recover from this pandemic while we’re still in lockdown, still wanting to stay in lockdown, and still not through the worst of the pandemic yet.

Whether we’re ready or not, though, it’s time for all of us who live in the U.S. to start talking about what pandemic recovery here should look like. People in positions of economic and political power are already talking about it and making plans within plans about it. If any of us want to have input into that recovery process, the time to act is now.

As the saying goes, if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu