Raising Energy

Today, I’m going to talk about magic, power, and revolution. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: if you don’t believe in magic, feel free to see all of this as a quaint poetic metaphor for the transformative power of our creativity, ingenuity, and so on. Either way, I have a lot to say, so I’m going to jump right into it.

Planet Earth is under siege. I know, I know… I’m not supposed to come out and say it so bluntly. I’m supposed to cite an infinite number of scientific studies, and then I’m supposed to talk about the possible long-term implications, and then I’m supposed to say that we can kinda-almost-sorta do something about the hypothetical problem by watching an award-winning documentary and maybe writing a few letters.

But I’m tired of all that. I’m tired of talking about matters of global survival in a polite, roundabout, diplomatic way. So I’m going to speak the truth as I see it, and you can feel free to disagree and debate with me.

Planet Earth is under siege. To some degree, this is nothing new. Throughout recorded history, our otherwise amazing human potential has been twisted by a particularly warped form of consciousness. The roots of this consciousness are fear, alienation, insecurity, and attachment. The fruits of this consciousness are war, poverty, famine, imperialism, classism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, ecocide, and beyond. In other words, we’ve let ourselves become scared by the challenges of mortal life, and we’ve let that fear putrify into terrible forms of destruction and oppresssion.

But if this is nothing new, then why even talk about it? Well… because for better or worse, it can’t keep going on this way forever. And for better or worse, I feel that we’re in the midst of one of the biggest changes in human history. And for better or worse, I feel that how we live our lives today may shape the course of these changes for the next hundred generations.

Basically, humanity is becoming more and more powerful. Our communications, transportation, industrial, weapons, and social engineering technology have all advanced a hundredfold in the past hundred or so years. On a good day, this technology has been wielded in the service of creative and humanitarian endeavors. But on a bad day, this technology has been taken in the other direction, tragically warping the fruits of our brilliance to create weapons of mass destruction and methods of mass deception.

It has to stop. The destruction and deception has to stop, and it has to stop in this generation. If it doesn’t… well, let’s just say that we’ll have to piece together the darkest portions of our most dystopian works of fiction just to imagine what the resulting world will look like.

And stopping it really is possible. As a whole, we’ve made a lot of progress as a species. Most of us have at least started to realize that all human beings are born as equals, and all human beings deserve to have their needs met while living lives of justice, dignity, and peace. In fact, I’ll bet that if you gave humanity a few hundred more years, it would just naturally start to figure out more and more of these problems on its own. People would continue to deepen their understanding of concepts like freedom, cooperation, and ecological harmony. As a result, they would continue to form increasingly more socially just and ecologically harmonious societies. In a few hundred years, with the help of global communication and transportation, we could find ourselves living in a world that would seem downright utopian relative to what exists today.

There’s just one problem: we don’t have a few hundred years.

No one knows exactly how long we have. On the central issue of climate change, for example, the estimates still vary wildly because we’ve never actually observed something of this magnitude before. But whether it’s a few decades, or a few years, or a few months, the situation is still the same. Our current systems of social-economic-political injustice and ecological destruction are laying waste to this planet, and the consequences are starting to catch up with us. We must act now, or we will suffer dire consequences for a hundred generations, and possibly longer.

To be honest, I believe that this is more than just a political issue. It can stand alone as a political issue, but I believe that we can understand it further by asking some deeper questions.

Where is this drive to destruction coming from? And what can we do to stop it?

I believe that there is a spiritual struggle underway for control of the entire planet. I believe that the outcome of this struggle is still undetermined. I believe that each of us, in every moment of every day, is contributing to the outcome of this struggle through our personal, social, economic, and political choices. And I believe that if we open our hearts to our love of the Earth, we will slowly but surely discover more ways of serving the cause of planetary healing.

When George Bush tells us that he hears a voice speaking to him when he prays, I actually believe him — but I disagree with him on the source of that voice. You can call it a metaphor if you like, but I believe that there are powerful spiritual forces at play in the world driving men like Bush to do what they do. They present themselves as muses, guides, and guardian angels, when in reality their sole purpose is to drown out the voices of any real guides by feeding on our fears and our suffering. We can try to blame all of our problems on these negative influences — but really, in the end, it’s our choice whether to listen to the voice of fear or the voice of love. And we are all responsible for our choices, even when someone may be deceiving us into making them. In the end, whether you believe in a spiritual reality or not, the physical reality is created by our own choices, and it is our responsibility to choose wisely.

Fear becomes violence, and violence becomes authority, and authority becomes power, and power becomes control — and in the end, the goal of fear-based consciousness is total control over the entire world. The only way to quench our fear is by handing our freedom and power over to some higher authority, until ultimately the people in power control everything, and the long march toward global fascism is complete.

This is the goal of men like Bush, and this is the goal of their puppet masters — whether that may be the likes of Karl Rove or some naughty little astral beastie that whispers to Georgie in the still of the night. And in truth, most of the people who are out there actively destroying the world probably don’t even mean to be as evil as they seem. They simply believe that the only path to peace, security, prosperity, and the like is through ever-increasing amounts of control.

But there is another path — and that other path is the only one that will leave us with any freedom to speak of, or a healthy living planet to be free on.

What is that path? I have a lot of ideas about that. It’s different for everyone… but there are some constants worth noting. I’ll have to write more on these constants soon, because it’s getting to be past my bedtime. But before I go, I do want to leave you with a bit of reflection on the path to a healthier and happier world.

I often find myself extremely frustrated with the seemingly endless amount of violence and oppression in the world today. After spending so much time observing the world, I can zoom in and out from the macro to the micro and back again at will. In one moment, I can consider the deeply personal experience of injustice, and connect empathically with the subjects of such experience. In another moment, I can consider the purely impersonal social, economic, political, and psycho-spiritual forces at play, working through external institutions and internalized oppression to control our lives in a variety of ways. I look at this web of oppression, and it seems almost unthinkable to imagine anyone trying to work against such a powerful and intricate system of control.

And yet, in these moments, I remind myself that each of us has far more power and potential than we’ve even begun to realize. Each of us is an artist waiting to discover our canvas; each of us is a genius waiting to discover our ground-breaking formula; each of us is a revolutionary waiting to find our unique role in the timeless global struggle toward ever-greater levels of freedom, cooperation, and ecological harmony. I can zoom in and out on this tapestry too — and the view is amazing! It’s all so beautiful that I can’t even express it in words. It’s like when I look at the sky, and the trees, and the soil, and I see an amazing dance of color and movement and form and life. It’s like that, but I see it in such intricate detail in the presence and lives of the people around me, especially the ones who are actively seeking to fulfill their potential.

Really, the movement toward revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is infinitely more powerful than the lingering desire to dominate and control others. In theory, we have plenty of power to just sweep away all of this suffering and domination like the petty rubbish that it really is. It’s just that we’ve been caught up in fear and confusion for so long that we haven’t fully realized the power that we already possess, both individually and collectively. We look into each others eyes, and we don’t see the deep transformative power that I described earlier. We don’t see it in ourselves, and we don’t see it in each other. So we convince ourselves that it doesn’t exist, or that we don’t have a place in bringing it to fruition.

But we need to break that cycle. We need to embrace our inner strength, our inner passion, our inner joy, our inner creativity. And we need to work and play together with others who embrace and foster the same in each other. We need to stop making concessions to the consciousness of fearful domination and start feeding all of our energy to the consciousness of liberation. We need to raise energy for the revolution — physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy, social energy, economic energy, political energy, ecological energy, and beyond. We need to experience life to the fullest and follow our deepest bliss in life so that we may discover the truest and noblest humanity within ourselves. And once we’ve found that, we need to make it manifest in the world by giving it our time, our energy, our money, our land, and the blessings of our personal joy and creativity.

I know that this is still all a bit vague, and I’ll get more into the details soon. But for now, I’m off to bed. Until we speak again, I think that my best advice must be to get out there and pursue your greatest joy in life, whether that may be found through a deeply personal art project or some grand political movement. Either way, make sure that you feel a deep sense of joy and freedom in whatever you’re doing, and make sure that your actions leave an enduring mark in the world that others can build on. The only way that we can avert global disaster is by building a better world… and that process of building starts one step at a time, with each of us doing the best to ensure that our particular corner of the world is filled with the finest manifestations of what our deepest human potential has to offer.

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Light My Fire

A few weeks ago, I sang ‘Light My Fire’ at a karaoke night at Mugsy McGuire’s here in Carbondale. I don’t know whether the song called in the magic, or the magic called in the song — but either way, my fire has been blazing ever since.

It’s hard to describe… so hard, in fact, that I almost didn’t write this entry. Every time I try to put it into words, I find myself drowning in an almost manic burst of inspiration. So much passion, mixed with such strong insight… it takes a minute or two of concentration just to focus it all down into bite-sized chunks that are comprehensible to an outside observer. But I feel that I have a lot to share, so it’s well worth the effort.

For over 10 years now, my life has been defined by my revolutionary passion. This inspiration has driven me to search my soul, change my name, reinvent myself from the ground up, and step out into the community on many occasions to speak out about what I believe.

Anyone who truly knows me has seen this passion at work in my life. It is the fire that animates me, serving as the inspiration behind who I am, what I do, what I think, what I feel, and who I embrace as my closest friends. Even my moments of rest, joy, and playfulness are understood as expressions of this ever-burning fire of revolutionary passion.

But on some level, this passion has always been… how do I put it? Not subdued, not suppressed, and not even controlled. But on some level, it’s always been HELD BACK. It’s been kept at a safe distance — an almost impersonal aloofness — and experienced through intuition and inspiration more so than the explosive outbursts of emotion that one would normally associate with such passion.

I think that this came about for two reasons.

First of all, I wasn’t ready for it at first. I’d say that this inspiration of mine started really coming through in my teens, at a time when I had no idea what it was, no one really to guide me, and suburban surroundings that were actively hostile to anything resembling independent thought or creativity. I began developing a strong empathy, and a strong sense of purpose, but didn’t know what that purpose was or how to hold healthy boundaries around my empathy. Therefore, I ended up willing away my emotions for a long time.

Second of all, my surroundings weren’t ready for what I had to offer. What would the suburbs of Chicago have done with a young ecstatic pagan anarchist revolutionary? They probably would have given me psychiatric meds against my will and crushed what little spirit I managed to pull through those times of suburban isolation.

So, I put my passions in a bottle and cast them out to sea.

At first, they were simply gone, leaving nothing but a profound anxiety that something was missing from my life. But then, they began to re-emerge, and I started to incorporate their insights into my life bit by bit, still holding the actual experience of this passion at a distance as much as possible. After all, surely it wasn’t safe, and polite, and diplomatic, and strategic, and proper to be so wild and fiery. Surely, it was enough for my inspiration to be an abstract spiritual calling rather than an intensely personal emotional experience.

That lasted for a few years. Then, I backed away from activism a bit for a few years in order to do some personal healing. Between my experiences at the healing school and my Wiccan clergy training, I learned a lot about myself and about the many paths to personal empowerment and healing. I started really feeling my most profound emotions, instead of just feeling a profound anxiety in place of my emotions.

Finally, a year and a half ago, I had a spiritual experience in which I let go of the final major barrier to embracing my heart’s passion. Ever since then, I’ve felt various shifts in my life as I’ve started bringing more and more of that passion back into my body, my personality, and my social and community life. But it’s only been within the past few months that it’s really started to come through more clearly. And now, several new circumstances in my life are helping to bring it out further.

First of all, after quite a long stretch of solitude, I’ve found someone wonderful to go out with. I’ve only been going out with her for a couple of weeks now, but so far, I think we’ve both been having a great time. We have a lot in common, and it seems like we can talk for hours without running out of things to say. I’m still not used to having someone who actually reciprocates my affections instead of rejecting me, so I still find myself being polite and “maintaining boundaries” in moments when I could just as easily be showing her my affection. But I’m starting to get used to it, especially since she really does seem to like me too.

My time with her has definitely been the biggest news in my life for a long time. She’s such a beautiful person, and I hope that we continue to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. Really, our time together has been so special to me that I’m almost hesitant to even write about other things, for fear of detracting from it. But then again, I’m complex enough to have multiple things going on in my life, so I may as well share the other news that’s on the horizon.

I’m involved in a newly forming group called X. This group has its website at:


Basically, X combines personal inspiration and passion with community action and consciousness raising. We’ve put out a few Clues that offer insight into several of the inspirations for X, and we’ll be having our first event soon. The details are still forming, and we have no preconceived expectations about how it’s going to turn out. But whatever it becomes, it’s already shaping up to be something amazing.

Really, what gets my attention most often these days is the new woman in my life. But when I do take the time to think back to community projects, I’m very excited about what X has to offer. It’s fun and exciting, yet also offers a lot of potential for some very strategically important community work. Really, it’s how I feel revolution should be — a mix of spontaneous creativity and organized strategy. Together, our passion and our discipline can work hand in hand in pursuit of a better life for ourselves and our communities.

So, yeah… there’s a lot of passion in this little old heart of mine these days. It’s always been there, somewhere deep down, held back from the surface… but now, it’s experiencing a dimensional shift of sorts, and coming through in my life more clearly than ever. It’s not just a distant force any more that speaks to me through wild dreams and frantic intuitions. Now, it’s ME — my body, my emotions, my mind, my heart. I’m still plagued by the old habit of holding back my passions out of politeness and deference to others… and as always, there is still a place for propriety and discretion. But now that the flame at my core has been reignited, it’s only a matter of time before all of the old patterns are burned away, and my life is truly lived according to the flame burning within.

I’ve said this before, but with each passing day, I feel it more clearly. I feel it more clearly because the flame within is burning more brightly than ever, and it’s the flame that sets me free. No chains can bind me now; no walls can contain me now; no amount of corporate and government influence can convince me that the love in my heart should be extinguished. This love is who I am, and it’s what I have to offer to the world. It is wild and untameable, and it’s only a matter of time before I find myself once again reinvented by the burning of this flame within. Everything that is real about me will shine more brightly… and everything that I’ve held back — everything that is holding me back — will be consumed by the flames.

It’s an intense experience… beyond anything that words can describe. But words are all that I have before me at the moment, so they’ll have to do for now. Soon, I’ll be showing it more and more through actions… in the meantime, I’m off to bed. I look forward to any responses you may have, and I look forward to sharing more soon…

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New Release Date

Gaia’s Orphans now has a new release date of October 31, 2007. In preparation for this new date, I will soon be launching an extensive web promotions campaign. [And finishing the book!]

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Passion, Power, and Revolution

After spending just a few weeks devoting myself to the pursuit of ecstasy, I’m starting to understand why certain people in our society go to such great lengths to control people’s passions.

Passion is POWER! Control the passions of the people, and you control the world. Set those passions free, and a free world will follow.

Politicians, corporations, and other so-called leaders control our sensual and sexual passions through a combination of aggressive advertising, media messages, and oppresive “moral” restrictions. They control our artistic and creative passions by creating a banal social and economic reality where we can only survive and prosper by denying the pursuit of our dreams. They control our spiritual passions by driving the sense of wonder out of our lives and forcing us to buy it back piecemeal, either through subservience to their hollow religious institutions or through expensive consumption of inspirational “products” such as movies and music.

They use these tools to control the ebb and flow of our passions. Our sensual, sexual, artistic, creative, and spiritual passions are all seen not as inborn qualities, but rather as distant prizes that we may one day claim if we obey their rigid rules and conform to their rigid order.

They tell us to consume more; question less; submit to authority; dominate the oppressed; abandon all sense of magic and wonder; ignore the fact that our empire is sending humanity and the Earth to hell in a handbasket; and if we don’t like it, we must pop a few more pills, and our discontent will be replaced with a bit of numbness and mild nausea.

Well, I will have none of it. Ecstasy is our birthright — and the passion that drives it is the fire that will fuel the revolution.

I’ve known about all of this intellectually for years now. In fact, I’ve spent the past ten years or so of my life developing an ever-richer understanding the many facets of the global crisis. But really, only in the past year or two of personal development has the answer to the crisis become more clear to me. And in my moment of clarity and passion, I feel driven to climb the highest mountain and shout the words of my visions for all the world to hear.

The details are amazingly complex, but the heart of it all is amazingly simple. And the heart of it is this:

We must reclaim our passions, and refocus them to the task of personal and planetary revolution. Not someday; not next year; not next month; and not even tomorrow. We must embrace our passion for a life of love and freedom, and we must do it NOW! Otherwise, within our lifetimes, the global climate will collapse, global society will dissolve, and life as we know it will end.

I really don’t like making such dire pronouncements, but that’s the truth of the matter. I’ve known it for a while now, and I can feel it burning in my bones and racing through my mind even as I write this. And really, I feel that our lives should be motivated by a passion for life rather than a fear of apocalypse. But since that doesn’t seem to be working for most of us — myself included, up until recently — I think it’s time to address the fact that we stand at a crossroads of tremendous significance.

Evidence is mounting at an accelerating rate in support of the existence of human-caused global climate change. And even without climate change, our social, economic, and political reality is creating an absurd amount of carnage that is simply intolerable. And even without the external threats, the forms of mass psychological control that have been developed in the Western world in the past 50-100 years have become such a dire threat to our individual psychological freedom that we must not tolerate them for a moment longer.

From the outermost reaches of the planet to the innermost confines of our minds, hearts, and spirits, our world is under siege from the forces of domination and destruction. This has been the case throughout history — but now, we are reaching a point of no return, where we must either choose to rise up in the name of freedom, or watch as all that we hold dear is destroyed before our very eyes.

Of course, this isn’t to say that everything in the world is bad! Far from it. If I believed that, then I wouldn’t even bother writing this entry. The good news is that we do indeed have the potential to create a better world — and in fact, even amidst the destruction described above, that world is emerging.

But that emerging world is so tender… so new… so delicate… like a single butterfly breaking through its cocoon in the midst of a thunderstorm. Unless we nurture, cherish, and protect it, it will die before it ever truly lives.

I just saw a movie called “Children of Men” recently, and I found it very moving. (Plot spoiler ahead!) Humanity had become infertile, and there were no children left in the world. Then, the first child born in 18 years — a newborn infant, now the only child in the world — was born in the midst of an uprising in a detention camp. There was this tremendous tension at the climax of the movie as bullets flew all around this child, threatening to end what may well be humanity’s last hope for new life. But then, there was this amazing moment that I’ll always remember.

It was a sudden moment of peace.

As the mother walked down a hallway and stairs with child in arms, the child was crying, and people immediately noticed the all-but-forgotten sound. One by one, they turned to mother and child, some reaching out to touch the child gently, as if to bless it and make sure that it was real. Soon, even the soldiers and militants stopped firing their guns, and the whole battlefield fell silent. Formerly stoic soldiers found their faces filled with looks of tenderness, and a few crossed themselves or humbled themselves to the child. As mother and child emerged from the building, there was this amazing sustained moment of peace as all people stood in awe of the miracle of life.

And then, of course, the moment passed, and the fighting resumed.

But still… I found the scene very inspiring, and it reminded me in a lot of ways of the present day situation that stands before us. A precious new life — a precious new incarnation of humanity — is being born at this very moment. Artists, poets, scientists, philosophers, students, teachers, spiritual seekers, and people in every walk of life are starting to see the world (and themselves) in new and exciting ways. With just a little more time, and a little more energy, and a little more focus, I just know in my heart that we will be able to create an entire world of tremendous freedom, tremendous abundance, and tremendous harmony among people and with the Earth.

We have the potential… and the potential is blooming… but at the very same time, the war is raging, and the threat of global suicide is looming. What we need right now more than anything is that moment of magic… that moment when everyone looks, and notices the birth of a newborn child, and pauses their fighting for just long enough to allow this new incarnation of humanity to be born safely into the world, and to pass safely through the carnage, if only for a moment.

At this point, further losses are inevitable… indeed, I fear that even with our best efforts, terrible tragedies lie ahead that we can scarcely even imagine at this point. But if we act now… if we follow our hearts, and act in whatever ways possible to foster the creation of that magic moment where a new humanity emerges… then all of this will not be in vain, and hope will be reborn in the ashes.

I don’t have all of the answers. I don’t even have all of the questions. But what I do have is a passionate love of life, love of humanity, and love of the Earth. And I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that now is the time for that “magic pause.”

So let’s do it. Let’s pause, if only for a moment, and work the magic of peace. Pause from our jobs; pause from our studies; pause from our personal pursuits; pause even from our frantic efforts to save the planet. Let’s pause, take a deep breath, ground, center, and stand together in a circle to discuss the challenges that face us.

What are all of the challenges? How do we feel about them? How do we respond to them, as individuals and as groups? What can we do differently, in the service of our values, even if we currently have no clue of how to do it?

Really, I don’t know what anyone else is going to do in 2007. But I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to reclaim my passions, and I’m going to devote them to the service of creating this magic moment, this turning point of revolution, where another world is possible — and indeed, another world is born. I’m going to do this by pursuing my own healing, and building community among the people I love, and travelling as much as possible to speak with others who are doing the same.

This is what I’m going to do in 2007 — and I invite you to join me.

With that said, it’s time to return to the work ahead. We’ve got rocky roads ahead, to be sure — but I know in my heart that we can face it all together.

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