Plans Within Plans

Dune's Muad'Dib Leads Fremen: This is an image from the movie Dune that I found floating around on the Internet. I used it in the Plans Within Plans entry in my Song of the Trees blog.I watched Children of Dune recently, and I couldn’t help but draw a connection between the classic Dune phrase “plans within plans” and my understanding of what’s going on in the real world right now.

What does this phrase mean? Plans within plans… puzzles within puzzles… layers of plotting and strategizing stacked within one another, like layers of an onion that peel away to reveal yet another miniature onion at their center. Reality is extremely complex… therefore, it should come as no surprise that human social structures, and any efforts to control or modify them, are also extremely complex.

I live here in the United States, in a lovely place called Southern Illinois, in a college town named Carbondale. This is where my story of plans within plans starts.

On the surface, everything is fine… people go to school, go to work, spend time together on the weekends, and do their best to live out the American dream. But this is only the dry, lifeless exterior of the onion — a layer that is easily peeled away. Beneath it lies layer after layer of human drama, with Carbondale being a single point on the surface of this very stinky and tear-jerking onion.

I can see it all so clearly… with each passing day, I discover another layer of the onion. In our personal lives, each of us has a hidden depth that most of us haven’t explored… in our communities, there are problems that we ignore, or deny, or simply overlook… in our nations, there are power struggles from the grassroots to the upper echelons, as people all struggle to secure more money, more power, more meaning.

Even in a place with such a surface level of material abundance and social order, there’s a terrible storm brewing… the technologies of social, economic, political, and ecological control are sweeping across the landscape, devouring more and more of the Earth’s flesh that gives us life. Even as this machine gone mad drives the global climate out of balance, it also wreaks havoc with our inner landscape, teaching us that we can only derive our sense of personal empowerment and freedom through external sources like rampant consumption and subservience to hierarchies of authority.

And amidst it all, there are plans within plans… plots within plots… puzzles within puzzles. The Democrats struggle against the Republicans, even as both parties are controlled to an increasing degree by elite private interests… the Greens push to establish a viable third party that may bring us back from the brink of destruction… the odd mix of Neo-Cons and Dominionists who dominate the global economy and U.S. government openly wage cultural warfare at home and abroad in the service of their ends… the rag-tag alliances of radicals and revolutionaries wage their own counter-cultural war to promote their social and ecological values… and beneath it all, epic mythological tales are unfolding in the collective unconscious as all of humanity struggles to make sense of its existence here on Earth.

On some days, I just go about my daily business and act like I believe the consensus reality that has been drawn over our eyes to conceal the truth. I go to work, I go to meetings, I watch movies and TV, I eat my favorite snacks, I hang out with friends, and I just try to get by as best as I can. But on other days, I feel like I’ve taken too much spice… I walk alone in the world, looking and listening and feeling, observing the ebb and flow of broader energy pathways playing out in all details great and small of our everyday lives. I watch TV, and see more than TV… I listen to music, and hear more than music… I talk to friends and strangers, and see more than just individuals… I recognize myself as a grain of sand blowing in the wind, or a drop of water flowing to the sea. I watch as plans within plans unfold, with many people struggling in many ways to shape the destiny of themselves, their communities, their societies, their planet, and beyond.

Today started as one of the “consensus reality” days, but it’s ending as one of the “awakening” days. I don’t even know what exactly to DO about all of this… but I know that I must do SOMETHING! No matter how big or small my contribution may be… I must contribute SOMETHING to the effort for creating a better world.

I’m reminded of an old Paolo Friere quote:

“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.”

As someone who strives to be an empathic and compassionate person, I’m not quick to share my anger with the world or act in a way that challenges other people’s chosen goals and directions in life. I long for peace, and my longing for peace makes me very hesitant to add to the conflict in the world. But sometimes in the pursuit of peace, we must actively challenge the warmakers so that the inherent harm of their actions may be revealed. On the surface, it seems that this challenge is creating conflict… but really, this sort of challenge is simply bringing pre-existing conflict to the surface so that it can be resolved. It’s a “healing crisis”, if you will… unpleasant, perhaps, but necessary, like when a person raises a fever in order to fight off an infection, or vomits to expel poison from their digestive track.

What we need now more than anything is a healing crisis. There’s a sickness on the rise… a sickness in the hearts of our people, and a sickness in the many lands that we call home. It’s the sickness of oppression… the sickness of war… the sickness of ecocide… the sickness of fundamentalism and fascism, spreading from heart to heart and nation to nation like a plague. If we pretend that everything’s okay, then our hearts and our lands will be laid to waste by this sickness… but if we spark a healing crisis, then we may still have time to heal before the global ecology and economy both collapse all around us in a rather unfortunate and downright apocalyptic manner.

We must be healers… we must be agents of change… we must be revolutionaries. In the past, we’ve simply waited for rulers or heroes to solve these problems for us… and when the right leader arose, we flocked behind them, adding our power to theirs so that they might find the strength to create the needed changes. But that won’t work anymore… we’re handing our power to the wrong people, and the only way to fix what’s ailing us is to reclaim that power for ourselves and use it in a free and cooperative manner to create a new society amidst the ashes of the old.

How do we do it, then? This is something I’ve seen on the horizon for years now… but it’s bearing down on us faster than I realized, and so many people of conscience seem to be caught without a plan of action. We see that something’s wrong… we know that something has to be done… but what do we do?

We must reclaim our power — our power as individuals, our power as communities, our power as whole societies. It’s time to raise energy — material energy, personal energy, social energy, embodied energy — in the service of our beliefs. We need to live our lives with more passion AND more discipline than we ever have before. We need to delve deep into our hearts to find what it is that we truly desire, then leap outward into the world to make that desire manifest no matter what obstacles stand in our way.

As long as we sit around complaining about what the people in power are doing, we’ll always be powerless. But once we discover our positive inner vision for a better life, and unite with others in free cooperation to pursue that vision, then we will have a shared power that no force on this planet can contain.

As always, there are plans within plans, and I believe that the recent victory of the Democrats is on some level just part of a broader plan to reinforce the destructive two-party system. But on the flip side, just because it’s part of a plan within a plan doesn’t mean that there’s not something genuine underlying it. We revolutionaries can also have our own plans within plans… we can point out that the Democrat victory is hollow, yet use it as a foothold to push for far more revolutionary change than the Democrat leadership is calling for.

Dissidence and dissatisfaction are on the rise… and the Democrat conquest of House and Senate is a clear indication that the people of the United States are dissatisfied with the machinations of the Bush administration. Now, while the system is destabilized by a swing from one party to the other, we can seize the moment and demonstrate that what we truly need more than any hollow Democrat victory is a genuine revolution.

We can talk about revolution all day, though, and nobody will listen. Or if they listen, they won’t act. Or even if they act, they won’t step outside of their comfort zone in response to mere talk. If we really want a revolution in this country, what we need is action.

I’m not just talking about mass demonstrations here. Those still have a role to play… but ultimately, the true power lies in “micro-macro demonstrations” — actions which demonstrate our principles and our vision on both a local/individual level and on a regional/global level.

We need to take bold, decisive action that will make our beloved friends and allies in the Green Party look like a bunch of stuffy conservatives. We need to start revolutionary culture collectives that will use performance art, creative arts, media activism, and strategic direct action to actively encourage the flourishing of a growing culture that embodies our social and ecological values. We need to amass the material resources — houses, land, businesses, finances — that will be necessary to enact sweeping changes in the social, economic, political, ecological, and psychological landscape of our society.

Most of all, we need to truly believe in our hearts and minds that our shared visions for an ecological society of free cooperation can — AND MUST — become a reality in our lifetimes. Once we’ve come to feel the power of this belief in every cell of our body, we must take action to make our vision a reality.

Vision becomes passion, which becomes will, which becomes action, which creates reality. Through our vision, through our passion, through our will, we must act now to create the world of our dreams. This has always been the case… but now, that fact has become especially clear to me, and especially important to all of us as we stand on the verge of a time of tremendous change.

It’s a task far too big for any leaders or heroes to accomplish… there will be no vanguard, no central coordinating committee that forms a unified vision for the rising revolution. But that’s a good thing, because we seek to create a world in which each of us is a leader, and none of us are leaders. And finally, in this very generation, we will realize that the only way to do that is for each of us to take up the very personal and very political task of reclaiming our individual and collective power.

I could go into more detail about how I think the particulars will unfold… but that’s more than enough for today. In the meantime, if you take anything from this blog entry, let it be the knowledge that you have a powerful role to play in the changes that are happening all around us. There’s no being neutral here… letting yourself remain captivated by the “status quo” / “apathy” / “consensus reality” is an act of support for the forces that define and control that framework. And simply by breaking free of that frame — by thinking for yourself, discovering your passion, talking with your loved ones about all of this, and struggling to find your own unique place in the coming changes — you are joining in the timeless struggle for the creation of a better world.

The choice is yours… if you have any thoughts to share about it, let me know. In the meantime, I’m going to go get some sleep…

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Breaking the Spell

In 1999, the WTO protests in Seattle sparked a whole new wave of mass demonstrations and radical activism in the U.S. Really, the anti-globalization movement had been on the rise for years in other countries around the globe. But on those fateful days in Seattle, the slumbering giant of radical action was reawakened on the streets of America.

In the ensuing months and years, many different commentaries and documentaries emerged about the significance of those events in Seattle. One of these was a cult classic called “Break the Spell” that was embraced by many militant young dissidents for its focus on themes such as police violence and property destructions as a means of insurgent revolutionary action.

I’m not going to examine the movie itself. That would be too easy… 🙂 Instead, I’m going to examine the overall theme of “breaking the spell” – its strengths, its failures, and the future as I see it.

A lot of people who see property destruction at demonstrations don’t understand it. What’s the point of smashing a window, or setting a dumpster on fire? In some cases, these are purely tactical actions that are meant to interfere with police efforts at crowd control, or cause financial harm to an offensive organization. But in other cases, they are attempts at communication – what some would call propaganda of the deed, or what others might call militant performance art.

What are such people trying to communicate? Well, since I’ve never smashed a Starbucks window, I can’t answer this question with any certainty. But since I’ve often contemplated smashing a Starbucks window, and since I’ve spoken with people who have engaged in political property destruction, I feel pretty confident speaking on the subject.

One of the primary goals of such actions may be to “break the spell.” What spell, you ask? The spell of whatever the person is opposing – Capitalism, or Corporate Dominance, or Western Imperialism, or Babylon, or Consensus Reality, or the Matrix. Whatever language you may use to describe the world today, it’s clear that some people have much more power than others, and it’s clear that certain institutions are used to serve that imbalance of power. Especially in “post-industrial” societies such as our own, the people in power create an elaborate façade that holds this power in place.

There’s tremendous inequity and injustice in the world, and tremendous physical, social, economic, psychological, and ecological violence occurring all around us. And yet, the people in power “cast a spell” to conceal this violence. They make flashy TV shows for us to watch, shiny toys for us to play with, and dazzling storefronts for us to shop in, all as a distraction from the harm that is often perpetuated by those very same media conglomerates, manufacturers, and merchants. Since everything looks so nice and shiny, the casual observer walking into a Wal-Mart, or a McDonald’s, or a Starbucks has no way of knowing that anything is wrong. They walk in, get their products, and walk back out in perfect peace and comfort. This allows them to remain either completely oblivious to the harm of the system, or at least completely at ease in pretending that the violence in the world is far removed from their lives.

This façade of corporate beauty and tranquility is a spell – a conscious effort to create an illusion that manipulates the hearts and minds of the people shopping there. The goal of property destruction, then, is often to “break the spell” – to shatter that illusion of comfort and tranquility – as a way of communicating to the people that something is deeply and inherently wrong with the system.

Sometimes this “break the spell” approach works. Corporations work very hard to create a sense of “brand identity” in our minds, so much so that we see their corporation as having a personality and identity of its own. Since that personality exists in many places simultaneously, it seems so powerful and enduring – perhaps even more real to us than our own personalities, or the personalities of the people we know and love. It all seems so spectacular – and then, a black-clad figure emerges from a haze of teargas and lobs a brick at the face of the corporation. That single brick tumbles through air, as if in slow motion, and kisses the glass. The corporate logo shatters with a shrill squeal of breaking glass, tumbling to the concrete as the brick knocks the products on display into disarray. If only for a moment, the spell has been broken. The supposed “brand identity” of the corporation dissolves into a pile of broken glass, and people come to question the underlying system that is no longer hidden behind a shiny corporate logo.

That’s the theory, anyway – and I must admit that it has a certain aesthetic appeal to me. For the right audience, it works brilliantly, demonstrating that the corporation’s brand identity is a façade that often masks very harmful business practices and contributes to the overall inequity of our society and planet.

But for the wrong audience – which is the majority of the U.S. population – this form of action does absolutely nothing to break the spell. In fact, it can be turned around into a means of reinforcing the spell! The glass is broken – and yet, it is quickly replaced. The corporation has been publicly shamed – and yet, the people doing the shaming are painted as violent and irrational. In the end, the corporation may be elevated several notches – its enduring power proven by its quick recovery from such vandalism, and its status as innocent victim proclaimed by all of its supporters (and a few moderate opponents as well).

Property destruction, then, is not a terribly effective means of “breaking the spell.” Non-violent mass demonstrations are significantly more effective – but even they have not yet captured the imagination of the majority of the population in the U.S. How, then can we break the spell in a way that is both in harmony with our goals and strategically effective in achieving them?

I was hoping you’d ask me that!

I don’t pretend to have all of the answers. In fact, I don’t think that anyone has all of the answers. But what I do have is questions – the very questions that may help us to develop more effective means of breaking the spell.

My first question is this: who is our target audience?

Really, I feel that WE are our first and foremost target audience. The people in power have spent trillions of dollars to control us psychologically, socially, economically, and ecologically. How much of that control do we still have internalized in our psyches and our relationships? Before we go around trying to liberate other people from the controlling effects of our society, we first need to liberate ourselves. How do we do this? That’s a good question! I think it varies for each individual and group that’s asking the question. But really, it involves using a combination of consciousness-raising, narrative storytelling, group brainstorming, and direct action. These and other related tactics can cleanse our consciousness of any lingering baggage and demonstrate to us in a very real and compelling way that another world is indeed possible, right here and right now.

Once we’ve started on that, though, we can’t stop there. So who’s next? Ideally, I would see this as our allies in our community – the more moderate individuals who sympathize with some of our critiques, but disagree with others, or are too wrapped up in their own concerns and obligations to focus on taking their own radical action. In order to help them to “break the spell,” we need to understand their perspective and supply them with the tools for changing that perspective. What cultural symbols or ideas speak most powerfully to them? How are these symbols tied into the existing system? How could they possibly be tied into a more equitable, just, peace-loving, and ecologically harmonious system? Maybe for them, our tremendous passion for revolutionary change can only be conveyed on a sleek new website, with shiny pastel colors and flashing “green consumerism” banner ads, coded in the language of flowers, and butterflies, and rainbows, and maybe occasional snippets of slightly dark humor. It may or may not be our first choice in aesthetics – but as long as we’re “breaking the spell” of domination and manipulation by the people in power, do the aesthetic details really matter?

Eventually, we really will have to reach out to people whose perspectives are very different from ours – the people we may currently see as opponents. We’ll have to find ways to “break the spell” for them too. I have ideas about how to do that – but there’ll be plenty of time for that later. In the meantime, our focus is on ourselves and our allies.

How do we go about this work? How do we shift our own consciousness, and the consciousness of our allies, away from the controlling influences of the people in power, and into the new creative expressions of our own reclaimed power?

Good question! To be honest, I don’t really have any answers yet. But at least I’ve raised the right questions, eh? My only suggestion on this final parting point is that we gather together, in groups large and small, to discuss and act on this question. Really, I feel that it’s going to take a combination of many strategies and tactics, including but not limited to street theatre, radical study groups, creative arts, media activism, and beyond. The goal is not only to expel the unwanted influence in our lives, but also to create positive and independent alternatives. Because really, if our thoughts are dominated by fears of black-clad storm troopers and corporate tycoons walking the halls of power, and that’s what all of our songs and stories and dances and actions are about, then we are simply lending power to those archetypes. Instead – once we’ve taken fair time to call out and critique what we oppose – it is essential that we focus as much of our attention and energy as possible on the world that we long to create. Only then, with our heart’s positive visions held clearly in our minds, will be finally be able to take action to “break the spell.”

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Samhain Approaches

As Samhain approaches, I can feel the veil between the worlds thinning…

So what is this “Samhain,” and what does it mean?

Samhain [usually pronounced “sow-in”, with “sow” rhyming with “cow”] is a word that means “end of summer.” The ancient Celts celebrated this time with bonfires and reverence for ancestors, who were believed to be especially present as the final harvest was taken and the land fell into winter. Nowadays, Neo-Pagans and others celebrate it with their own rituals and practices inspired in part by the ancient Celtic observances.

If you want a fuller description of Samhain, though, that’s been done by other people in other places. [such as] In the meantime, though, I’m going to jump straight into my own recent experiences and how I tie them to the themes of Samhain.

In a lot of ways, I’d say that the past several weeks have been utterly crazy. To some extent, that’s the story of my whole life… 🙂 But I think that the most recent wave of intensity arrived when I set out on my journey to Missouri at the end of August.

The Earth Activist Training was an incredible experience for me! I wrote about it a bit on here, but words can’t even begin to describe the significance of that time in my life. I feel very strongly that I’ve been guided on a series of “field trips”… on the one hand, I’ve certainly had my fair share of quirky adventures right here in Southern Illinois, and this place seems to be at the heart of my revolutionary inspiration. But on the other hand, I feel like I’ve been lead by that same intuition to go out into the world on a series of “field trips” or “epic journeys” where I would make specific connections and learn specific information to bring back to my community.

Southern Illinois has a special magic to it that always launches me out into the world only to bring me back home with new experiences under my belt. At first, I was simply following my intuition blindly, not knowing where it would take me. For example, there was what probably qualifies as the first such journey… what sort of madness would lead an extremely socially anxious young man to travel alone to Idaho, meet up with a group of total strangers, and spend the summer in the woods doing forest defense? That’s exactly what I did… and even though it may have seemed strange to an outsider, my intuition on the matter was simply irresistable. I was driven… I knew that I had a place to be, a role to play, and a lesson to bring back home.

Now, even as these field trips have become less frequent, their meaning has become more clear… as more and more of the individual strands fall into place, the tapestry that they’re weaving becomes more clear. It’s a tapestry of love… a tapestry of life… a tapestry of learning… a tapestry of struggle… a tapestry of revolution.

The trip to Missouri was, in a way, the thread that finally pulled the rest together into a tapestry. It happened shortly after the first harvest of the year — and in a way, it was a great harvest of all that I’ve been seeking since this journey began. There were personal components… there were political components… there were ecological components… there were spiritual components… and together, in the space between the worlds, it all started making even more sense than before.

Then, after this massive influx of revolutionary inspiration, I returned to Carbondale just in time for another harvest: my second book. This, too, was a long time in coming, with many threads that had appeared in my life suddenly pulling together. I worked at an almost feverish pace, trying to put all of that inspiration down on paper even as the ideas for my future writings competed for my attention.

After this second harvest, though, I felt a shift in my life once again. It was the coming of Samhain… and even though the days were still warm then, I could already feel the chill setting into my bones.

I feel that this Samhain — perhaps like most Samhains — is a test of my resolve… my faith… my trust in the Earth and its ability to provide for me as I do the work that I need to do. In my latest book, Earth Conscious Revolution, I talk a lot about Shadow work… discovering and facing that inner portion of yourself that you may not currently be comfortable with. This writing is by no means an abstraction on my part… I’ve faced my Shadow on many occassions, and come to know it better than most people know the mask that they wear in their daily lives. I’ve done a lot to let go of my internalized repression… and now that I’ve reawakened some of the parts of myself that have been lost in the Shadows so long, I want to reclaim their power.

But am I ready?

That’s the test of this Samhain for me. I can feel the long-lost power of my repressed vitality returning to me. I feel a tremendous passion… an almost feverish drive to live, to act, to do, to be, to experience, to discover all of the joys and pleasure that have been denied to me by forces internal and external. Some people think of me as the Green Man because of my love of the Earth and my tendency towards forest activism and advocacy… but now, I can show them the full power of the Green Man — gentle, yes, and loving, yes, but also completely and irresistably wild, running naked among the trees and the faeries, filled with love and passion beyond measure, bursting forth with dandelions and moss in every parking lot that would dare restrain his sacred delight and blessed sorrow.

That’s the test, then. Now that my passion is reawakening… now that the power is returning to my body… how am I going to use it? Am I going to truly become the Green Man in the flesh, a loving child of the Earth who serves the Earth Conscious Revolution… or am I going to let it be twisted by my surroundings, turning it into an egoistic desire for more money, more power, more pleasure, regardless of the consequences?

That may seem like a silly question to people who know me well.. EVERYONE knows how peaceful, how gentle, how loving of a soul I am. But if that’s all that you know of me… then how well do you really know me?

We all have a Shadow… each and every one of us, whether or not we choose to recognize it. If we embrace it, it becomes a resource… an old friend, a hidden helper who lends us great strength and inspiration from unseen places. If we deny it… well then, like all things that we ignore, it controls us.

I’ve seen things, both with my own eyes and with my mind’s eye, that no human mind can ever fully comprehend without going mad… in my personal life, and especially in my political work, I’ve caught glimpses of unimagineable horrors. War… genocide… ecocide… torture. Luckily, in my personal life, I’ve managed to keep these things to a minimum. But the empath in me — and the revolutionary in me — has seen so deeply into these places of torment that I’ve felt something deep inside of myself twist and writhe in response to them.

Of course, in the past few years, I’ve learned how to feel empathy for others without letting their suffering or malevolence twist my psyche any further than it has already been twisted. But now that some of the feelings that I’ve suppressed are rising within me, a natural question also arises… which is stronger in me? The will to heal myself and the planet? Or its cruel distortion — the will to seek power for its own sake, and to dish back the anger and hatred that the world has poured into my soul?

In my heart of hearts, I know which will is stronger. I love the Earth without question, without restraint, with a love that no words can describe. But since there is the anger, and the bitterness, and the despair, and the rage, and the hunger for power… the time has come to be tested. The time has come for me to face these issues out in the world rather than in the comfort of my home sanctuary. The time has come for me to pursue my chosen path of Earth activism and advocacy with relentless passion… with tireless inspiration… with an unswerving dedication, no matter what circumstances the world may throw my way.

And so, we come back to the theme of Samhain, the Final Harvest.

After so many years lost in the Fog, it’s finally time for me to harvest what I’ve been dreaming of. It’s finally time for me to live the dream… to devote my entire life to the ecological and social causes that I support. Everything in my life that serves this revolutionary journey is being harvested as we speak, filling my life with renewed inspiration! I feel a strong connection to several friends, and new connections with other kindred spirits are forming… new ideas for my writings, my website, and my public speaking are blossoming… new possibilities are glimmering in a community that has so often felt stagnant and limiting… and in the end, I know in my heart that this new wave of inspiration is what will shine through during the coming new year.

But in the meantime… Samhain approaches, and the Final Harvest is a time of letting go. Letting go of my old fears… my old comforts… my old identities… even some of my old sources of inspiration and hope. The scythe slices, and slices, and slices… cutting away the old year, with many long, cold nights looming between now and the first stirrings of the new year.

So for a while, life will be challenging, especially for a Taurus like me who craves stability and creature comforts. I’m going to have to be creative just to get by… but isn’t that the point?

At around this time last year, I performed what was perhaps the most powerful and most spontaneous ritual of my entire life. I stood at the edge of a cliff — a literal cliff, on a ridgetop here in Southern Illinois — and I felt my own power over my own life. It was very liberating… and in that moment, I knew that deep down, I truly wanted to live as I had never lived before. So I took a big log, channelled all of my life-fearing and life-suppressing energies into it, and hurled it over the edge to its death.

For me, that’s what Samhain is all about — a harvest whose time has finally come. That which is alive is harvested to feed the living, and that which is dead is cut down without hesitation or remorse to make way for the living.

A year ago, I experienced a very powerful harvest on that ridgetop, and during that time in my life. But in a way, it was still largely internal and symbolic. Now, as the wheel makes another turn, the time has come for that harvest to become literal. All of those things in my life that no longer serve my passion for Earth Conscious Revolution will be torn to pieces all around me. It may seem brutal at times… but really, it’s all for the best. Because I can already feel what’s coming when the light returns… even as the nights grow longer, and the winds grow colder, and the Samhain rains sting my flesh, I feel a tremendous burning inside.

It’s the Samhain bonfire… a magical place between the worlds, where the ancestors walk with us, sharing their wisdom, urging us to cast everything that no longer serves us into the flames. And there are times when I resist these changes out of fear and misunderstanding… but in these times, on these long Samhain nights, I call out to Cerridwyn, asking her to chase me down and devour my ego. It’s time to let go of some aspects of life that aren’t working anymore so that I can seek out those that DO work… and if I won’t let go of what needs to be released, then may Cerridwyn chase me down relentlessly until the work is done…

These are challenging times, certainly… both for me, and for the planet as a whole. But our fear, our indecision, our complacency, our tendency to hold onto some last scrap of comfort that no longer serves us, will get us nowhere tonight. For tonight is the night when we must embrace the challenge… tonight is the night when we must actively cast that last scrap of comfort into the flames, knowing that it’s holding us back from the dawn of a new year.

On that note… since Samhain isn’t quite here until October 31, I’ve still got some gathering to do before the hour of the bonfire. I’ll be back again soon to let you know how that goes…

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New Gaia’s Orphans Merchandise

In preparation for the release of Gaia’s Orphans, I’ve created an online shop filled with GO merchandise. Be sure to check it out, and let me know if you have any suggestions or product requests. As the release date approaches, I’ll be adding more products.

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