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There aren’t really any words for what I’m feeling right now. But here I am, sitting in front of a computer, with little more than words to express myself. So here goes…

In my 28 years on this planet, I’ve walked through a world of increasing complexity and intensity. It’s not necessarily that the world itself is getting more complex and intense, although that’s happening too. The main thing, though, is that I’m becoming aware of more and more of the deep drama that surrounds us. It permeates every square inch of our lives, saturating every ounce of our very being. Usually, during the course of our day, most of us don’t even think about the incredible overarching currents of joyful enlightenment and hopeless despair that frame our very existence. If we did, we’d just go crazy and be unable to function. But every once in a while, it’s important to step back and take a look at the bigger picture… no matter how mind-alteringly intense that picture may be. And when we do take it all in, we can feel that much more deeply just how important it is for each of us to fulfill our own unique role in that grand cosmic drama.

Our exact origins as humans is shrouded in mystery, and our exact future as a species still lingers in uncertainty. But between these two poles of the distant past and the distant future, a great drama is unfolding. And maybe I’m just caught up in the passion of the moment… but I feel like we, standing with our fellow humans at the start of of the 21st century, are at a tremendous choice point in this overarching narrative of human existence. We, the several generations of humans currently alive on this planet, have the power to change the course of human history — and with it, the future of the entire planet.

For thousands of years, our evolution as a species has progressed through many stages. At first, our distant ancestors were small in numbers and had virtually no power to affect the world around them through technological means. With time, we developed the tools of fire, speech, writing, agriculture, and ever-advancing forms of social organization. We spread to the far corners of the earth, our consciousness evolving on both the individual and group level, opening up an increasing number of possibilities for further development.

In many ways, something went brilliantly right. The power of our minds started to expand exponentially, to the point where we could develop incredible tools of mass production, mass communication, and advanced research into the realms of physics, biology, chemistry, and beyond. Suddenly, the average person in many parts of the world gained the power to travel across land at high speeds in their own personal vehicles, and the power to fly anywhere else on the globe for a week or a month’s worth of pay. Through the power of the Internet and other forms of mass communication, we started sharing ideas and stories at an incredible speed that wasn’t even physically possible a decade ago. It seemed that the power of our knowledge had no limits, and the potential for that power to bring us ever-greater levels of happiness seemed almost guaranteed to become manifest.

But in other ways, something went horribly wrong. Something precious was lost in the rush of newfound knowledge and power. The wisdom gained through personal spiritual experiences crystallized into impersonal dogmas and authoritarian religious institutions. The benefits reaped by widescale human cooperation lured us into surrendering our personal power to rulers who promised to unite the people. The knowledge gained through scientific research was twisted into ever greater forms of physical, social, economic, psychological, and spiritual control. Our natural differences were carved into unnatural hierarchies so that the few could divide the many and claim ever-greater amounts of power. The negative consequences of our newfound technologies lead the Earth itself to grow toxic and lifeless — first in small pockets, then in whole regions, and finally across the entire face of the globe.

I don’t know which of these two opposing threads of human consciousness excites my passions more — the incredible potential for a greater life that I recognize within each of us, or the terrible spectre of global fascism that I see rising all around us. But either way, I feel incredibly passionate about life right now… passionate about taking some form of action on my own, and passionate about finding others to do the same.

As far as I’m concerned, globalization is already a done deal. We as human beings are united on a global level as we never have been before in known human history. From technological advances in transportation and communication, to shared issues such as international economics and global ecology, we really do all live on one planet now. The only question that remains is this: which form of globalization will shape the fate of the Earth for the next several hundred years?

On the one hand, we have the rise of global fascism, lead by a small number of reactionary power-mongers in the “First World.” They are not wholly unified in their vision of global fascism, with some being of a more apocalyptic religious fanatic thread, while others are of a more amoral authoritarian thread. But they are currently more or less allied in the creation of a world of increasingly centralized authority, relentless ecological extraction, and the use of increasingly sophisticated military, psychological, and social engineering technologies to achieve their ends.

On the other hand, we have the rise of global revolution, organized in a largely leaderless manner by many pockets of local revolutionaries who share common social, economic, and ecological principles. They are even less unitied in their principles and practices than the fascists — but the underlying spirit of rebellious freedom and relentless cooperation toward social ends is common among most of them. They have few material resources, but many social connections, and powerful visions for the creation of a better world.

The tone of the next several hundred years of life on this planet, if not longer, will be set by we who are alive today, and by our choice to embody and serve either of these broad movements.

So what do we do? How can we ensure that the forces of domination and conflict are soundly defeated, and that the forces of liberation and cooperation are successful in creating a new world?

Frankly, I wish I knew. But what I know now more than ever is that we must do SOMETHING… whatever that thing may be.

Look out into the world, then look into yourself. What’s stirring inside of you that wants to come out into the world?

Maybe it’s a poem, or a painting, or a song, or a dance that will change the way that people think or feel about life. Maybe you can get involved in some community group. Maybe you can start a new community group or local business that you’ve always wished existed in your town. Maybe you can start meditating all day and learn how to see auras or talk to angels and/or fairies. Maybe you can do street theatre with ten of your best friends, acting out some inventive skit about global warming, or gender oppression, or some other worthy cause. Maybe you just need to run outside, stare up into the falling rain or shooting stars, and cry out in joy or sorrow or anger or frustration.

But whatever you do, do SOMETHING! Something new… something different… something you’ve always wanted to do… something that will change your life, and the lives of those around you.

There are a small number of fanatics who are actively pursuing the global fascist agenda. The amount of energy that they raise in the service of their destructive cause is incredible. But really, their greatest resource lies not in the small number of fanatics, but in the large number of apathetic masses who they can bend to their will with subtle means of social and economic control. The voice of apathy in today’s society goes something like this:

“I’d like to be more free, more playful, more loving, more passionate, more creative, more social, more thoughtful, more involved in my community… but that’s not how things work. I’ve got to go to work… I’ve got bills to pay… I’ve got rules to follow… and if I don’t follow the rules, then I and everyone I care about won’t be accepted, or we won’t have enough to get by, or both.”

And there’s some truth in that. Really, it’s a struggle sometimes for kind-hearted people just to survive in a society that is slowly but surely drifting deeper into fascism. But if all that you’re doing is surviving… then you are a tool for those above you who are setting the rules of your survival. Every hour that you work fuels their machines of domination and destruction… and at the end of the day, if that’s your only contribution to the world, then you are like one of the human batteries in the Matrix, providing power for the very machines that control you and everyone you love.

But if something deep inside of your yearns for something greater… if something in your heart knows that there is more to life than what we find on television, in movies, on the radio, even on the Internet… if you can feel even the slightest inkling of a newfound passion burning inside of you as you read these words… then ACT NOW!

Seize the moment… unleash your power now, while you can still feel it… because tomorrow, when you go back to work, or school, or whatever else it is that’s draining your life force, you may not feel the power to resist the apathy any longer. So do something wild, something liberating, something spontaneous, right here, right now… and once you’ve felt the power of your own creativity unleashed, remember it well… and unleash it again! Once a month… once a week… once a day… until your whole life becomes a liberating dance of revolution.

So what am I going to do? In the short term, I don’t even know… writing this entry was my big short-term inspiration. But now that it’s almost done, I think I’ll go wander the streets in search of some new random experience on a Tuesday night in the streets of Carbondale, Illinois. In the long term, I have so many inspirations and passions that it’s hard to even focus! I have a book to finish… I have new ideas about intentional communities, and new people to network with about communities… I have a potential business idea to explore or discard with a friend of mine… I have an energy healing practice that I may be rekindling… and I have a dozen other ideas for starting new groups or breathing new life into old ones.

But it all starts here… it all starts now… with the choice to embrace and trust my inner passion! I am born of the Earth, and through the power of the Earth I am free… my deepest intuitions and inspirations and passions are calling me to live as a child of the Earth, and to make manifest a world where our relationship with each other and the Earth is at the center of our lives rather than serving as an inconvenient barrier to corporate profits.

So many forces of control and conquest are working through the smallest details of our lives, in every ad, every TV show, every book, every interaction with another human being who has been infected with the memes of domination and destruction… but freedom, too, is all around us, whispering in our ears, plucking our heartstrings, reminding us of our deepest desires to create the world of our dreams. On the surface, it can really seem sometimes like the fascists are winning… but when I look into the eyes of my fellow revolutionaries… and when I feel our shared passion for a world where all people are free, all people are fed, and all people live in a much greater harmony with each other and the Earth… then I know that the supposed triumphs of fascism are in fact an illusion.

Our heart’s desire to be free, and to share that freedom with others, evokes from the core of our being a powerful magic that can never be walled up, or chained down, or defeated by guns or dollars or methods of social and psychological control. Yes, our hearts are filled with magic… and that, in fact, is precisely WHY the people in power would like us to lead lives of apathy, disconnected from our hearts. But with our hearts open, and power rooted in the earth, we discover a magic strong enough to break free of even the most dire chains of global fascism.

So whatever your own unique revolutionary passion may be… embrace it! When you do, the magical power of your heart will shine through in all that you do… and others will be inspired to rise to similar heights of revolutionary passion. And together, somehow, we will find a way out of this madness and into a world of greater freedom, greater cooperation, and greater harmony with the Earth.

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New Gaia’s Orphans Content

I’ve added new content about Gaia’s Orphans, including three excerpts and a description of some of the types of undead who walk the streets of post-apocalyptic Chicago. Be sure to check it out and visit the Gaia’s Orphans Forums to share your thoughts!

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New Release Date

I’ve changed the release date of Gaia’s Orphans to Friday, November 17. This will allow me to finish the book on October 31 and spend two weeks setting up distribution.

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GaiasOrphans.org Updated

Gaia’s Orphans is coming out on October 31 — just a few weeks away! Therefore, I’ve done a major site update to prepare for the book’s release. Let me know what you think.

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