Big Muddy IMC has satellite TV

The Big Muddy IMC, located in Carbondale, Southern Illinois, now has satellite TV. Every weekday at 5 pm, we’ll be watching Democracy Now! on Free Speech TV. Visit for the latest news on this and other important regional stories.

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I’ve added a more prominent submission link in the rightbar so that people who are new to the site will know that they can submit THEIR content to be displayed on the site. Of course, this only applies to user-related topics such as the General News, Guest Poetry, and Guest Blog.

I’ve also tested to be sure that content submitted by an entry-level user can easily be seen and approved by an admin (i.e. me, Treesong). As you can see, this post was submitted by my alter ego Gnoseert and then approved by Treesong. 🙂

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A few weeks ago, Riot Folk ( came to the Big Muddy IMC ( This consisted of two anarchist folk musicians who rode in on bicycles, played guitar, and sang revolutionary songs. We had a good turnout at the IMC, and the sound of their powerful voices echoed out into the night. Afterwards, a few of us went over to Tres Hombres with the Riot Folk, and we danced until closing time…

A few days later, I found myself walking down the street late at night with two of my friends. One of them had his accordian with him, and he was trying to figure out the melody to a song that we heard from the Riot Folk. The other one was walking with his small, peppy dog at his side. So together, the three of us wandered down the middle of the road, walking through the moonlight with anarchist accordian music accompanying us through the streets of the neighborhood… truth be told, it felt like a scene from a really odd and fascinating movie…

On June 10, I went to the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. I was wearing one of the new Superman Returns costumes, so I had several people come up to me asking to take a picture. Some of them just seemed to want a picture with every Superman (there were several of us), but it seemed like a few of the others were specifically happy to find a "hippie" / "longhair" Superman. And then, I met up with the Green Hornet, who had a sign and flyers explaining how the Green Party are like superheroes…

Last Friday, I sat in the Steak and Shake near the mall in Carbondale with several friends. We had pulled two tables together, and the tabletops between us were covered in a smattering of plates, glasses, and character sheets and books from Dungeons and Dragons. The air indoors was unusually cold, and the fluorescent lights were harsh, but through the magic of the game, we were transported to a distant land, where adventurers of our creation were exploring an arcane observatory and doing battle with a necromancer. As the sun slowly started rising outside, the necromancer was finally laid to rest, and we put the game away to finish some other day so that our earthly selves could grab a few hour’s sleep…

Last Saturday, I wandered alone through a natural area near here, looking for a special spot where my friends and I would celebrate the Summer Solstice a few days early. The bike ride had left me hot and sweaty, so I took off my shirt and wandered into the woods. As I walked down paths that had all but grown over, rain started falling around me like a cool jungle mist. The most overgrown path was almost impassible, with the leaves of bushes and plants brushing against me on all sides as I walked down the unseen trail. Since it had just rained, the leaves were cool and moist, leaving me almost chilled as they touched my bare skin…

Today, my friend Aur gave my used bike a much-needed tune-up. The brakes have good pads now, and I can actually change gears just like I’m supposed to. Now, I can even go up hills without much difficulty. So, I took my new and improved "Love and Rage" for a test drive, with the big black flag on the back of my bike flapping in the wind…

These are just a few of the more memorable moments from the past couple of weeks. All in all, I’d say that it’s been quite a curious and magical time. I’ll have more to share soon… in the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these experiences, or maybe even learn what you’ve been experiencing too… 🙂

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I Am Born Of The Earth

These words are an embodiment of much of the spirit of the Earth Conscious Revolution.

They actually came to me the other night after spending some time on the computer doing research for a creative project I’m working on with friend. As I went to bed, I had this restless feeling, as though there were still something left for me to do that night. Before I knew it, I was lying in bed trying to formulate the spirit of what I was writing and what I was working on in life into a brief, focused statement.

At first, I stumbled over the words. But somehow, all of the complex and often intense experiences I’ve had over the past several weeks (and months! and years!) served to stir my creative juices and bring these pieces together.

As I said these words to myself, I realized that they were tapping into a tremendous power within myself and within the hearts of many people like me who are consciously seeking to create a better life for themselves, their community, and their society. My upcoming book goes to great lengths to explain detailed and strategic methods for approaching this revolutionary effort at creating positive change — but really, much of the spirit of that change can be summed up in three short sentences.

So, as I said these words to myself in the privacy of my own home, I felt a great sense of liberation come over me. My energy started flowing quite powerfully, and I felt tingling, relaxation, and warmth throughout my entire body. I repeated these words multiple times — and as I said them, I knew that they were completely true. I felt this incredible sense that human beings really are born of the Earth, and that we really do have the power and the love in our hearts necessary to create a better world. Of course, it’s going to be quite a challenge… but the more people who feel this energy of "earth conscious revolution" rising within us, the easier it will become to live in free cooperation and create the life of our dreams.

So… yeah. Once the words had become clear to me, I said them to myself over and over again, relishing in the feeling of liberation and renewed empowerment. Then, I started talking out loud to myself about some of the themes of the book, my life in general, and the world at large. In that moment, I knew that I must redouble (and reTRIPLE?!?) my efforts to write, and speak, and teach about these topics. The world is simply pulsing with the potential for something quite beautiful to unfold within our lifetimes… but there’s still so much suffering and confusion (and outright negative intent) all around us that it’s going to take a tremendous amount of work to plough through all of the heaping masses of karmic poo-poo and find ourselves emerging into the world of our dreams smelling like roses.

After speechifying to myself in that way for a while, it finally came time for me to go to bed. First, I made a brief trip into the kitchen to drink the last of my raw smoothie [bananas plus berries plus coconut plus Raw Power! bodybuilding power… 🙂 ]. I really feel that drinking this while I was still in "the zone" was a way of giving my body some "raw materials" (hah, hah) so that it could rebuild my very body in harmony with this renewed energy of empowerment and freedom. Then, with my body and spirit refueld, I laid down and went to sleep, content in the knowledge that the Earth is truly alive, truly powerful, and truly a presence in our lives no matter how much havoc we may wreak upon each other.

As powerful as the experience was, I knew even in that moment that I would settle back into "ordinary" consciousness soon and once again loose touch with some portion of my passion for creating positive change. But with each experience like this, I come closer to the liberation that I seek.

So… if you find any of this thought-provoking, inspiring, or otherwise interesting, then it’s your turn now to shine. When it comes out, I encourage you to read my book and discover how the Earth Conscious Revolution relates to your own personal journey of inner and outer chagne. But in the meantime, the world is your book, and your heart is the organ to read it with. The words that brought me a sense of liberation may not work for everyone… but if you can feel their power, feel free to use and transform them however you choose:

I am born of the Earth
and through the power of the Earth
I am free.
My heart is filled with love
for myself, my community, and my world.
I share this power and this love
with you
so that we may live
in free cooperation
creating the world
of our dreams

Now that I’ve shared all of that with you here, it’s time for me to go live it out in the wild and crazy proving grounds of Southern Illinois… 🙂 I’ll be back soon with more to share… and I hope that you’ll have more to share with me here at the site too!

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