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We’ve run out of time to solve the climate crisis. We have to take decisive action right now. We all need to form broad-based climate action teams in our local communities. These teams need to coordinate a rapid but just transition to a zero emissions society. They need to resist new and existing fossil fuels infrastructure. They need to develop effective communications strategies to counteract fossil fossil industry propaganda and mobilize sustained campaigns of mass climate action. We need to organize these teams right now, and they must be relentless, effective, and successful in pursuing their objectives. Otherwise, we’ll go far beyond the two degree Celsius threshold and into unthinkably catastrophic warming within the lifetimes of children and young adults alive today.

I’ll post a more detailed message about this soon. In the meantime, start organizing in your local community today. If you don’t know how, talk to your friends and ask for help. You’ll figure it out together.

Here in Carbondale, Southern Illinois, there are two meetings this weekend that would be good opportunities to talk about this. The first is an Antifascist Coalition meeting on Saturday, November 19 at 1 PM at Gaia House. The other is a Resist the End of the World meeting on Sunday, November 20 at 6 PM at Flyover Infoshop.

No matter where you live or what meetings you attend, talk to your family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances about the climate crisis. Decisive action is needed immediately to prevent catastrophic global warming, and our economic and political institutions aren’t doing enough to respond to this life-or-death crisis. We have to do it ourselves. And we can’t do it alone, so we have to start talking to other people in our community about how we can work together to make this transition away from fossil fuels. Let’s do this.

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Book Review: Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction

everythingchange-ananthologyofclimatefictionEverything Change is an innovative and compelling climate fiction anthology. There are several gems in here that will capture the imagination of anyone who loves good fiction, regardless of past familiarity with the genre. If you’re already an avid climate fiction reader, though, you’re in for a real treat! Read more ›

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Book Review: Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton by Diana Johnstone

I have mixed feelings about Queen of Chaos. There were some moments when I wanted to give it five stars for its invaluable detailed description of the duplicitous “humanitarian” mass violence and chaos of U.S. foreign policy. There were other moments when I wanted to give it zero stars for its deeply offensive commentary on what it dismisses as “identity politics” (mostly LGBT rights, but also immigrant rights and multiculturalism). Ultimately, I decided that both the merits and the flaws needed to be discussed, so I may as well write a full review. Read more ›

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Book Review: Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

As a lifelong science fiction fan and author, I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me this long to start reading the works of award-winning science fiction author Octavia E. Butler. No one really recommended her to me until a few years ago, and it took a while for me to take the recommendation to heart and track down a copy of one of her books.

I’m glad that I did. Read more ›

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