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Ex Stasis.
Liberation from stasis.

My breath deepens.
My heart pounds.
I stand tall
as hot blood
courses through my veins.
I stand tall
as the chains that bind me fall.

I am become Dionysos Eleutherios
Dionysus the Liberator
ecstasy become flesh
and flesh become ecstasy.
But this isn’t a game
this isn’t a joke
this isn’t a scene from Fantasia
with a jolly fat man in a toga
drinking wine.

My ecstasy runs naked
beneath a midnight sky
head thrown back and arms raised high
laughing and crying and singing and screaming
through the sharp silver light of the moon.

My ecstasy is the sun at high noon
shining without pause, without rest, without question
bringing warm green life to forest and prairie
and hot white death to scorched desert sands.

So many walls have been built to contain it
So many chains have been forged to constrain it
So many souls have been bent to restrain it
But in my heart
and in my mind
and in my flesh
I have set it free
and it has set me free.

And so it comes
and so I come
the ecstasy of liberation
and the liberation of ecstasy

It drives me to singing and dancing
feasting and drinking
fondling and fucking
day and night, night and day
my flesh ablaze
with the fires of beauty.

And it drives me to sighing and crying
gnashing and wailing
thrashing and screaming
night and day, day and night
my flesh twisted
in icy horror.

But even in those moments
where ecstasy meets agony
I still feel the thrill
of a body, a mind, a heart
that are free.

Liberation from stasis.
Ex stasis.

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