My Love Affair With Chocolate

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The tub you came in said Soy Delicious
and baby, you are.
Chocolate Velvet is your name
and yours is the sweetest love I’ve ever known.
I peel back the cover
and trace my spoon across your virgin skin
softly at first
savoring the way you melt with every touch
then moving in for a deeper taste
with the skill of someone who’s been here before.
Every lick of that chocolatey spoon
brings us closer to the bottom of the barrel
but I don’t care.
If going all the way with you
is the only thing that can get me through the night
then baby, I’m ready.
You’ve always been there for me
fresh from the shelves of the Neighborhood Co-op
sitting so close to the freezer door
because you know how much I need you.
You know my heart belongs to someone else
but she’s in the arms of another man
and you’re the only one who can give me cocoa comfort
all night long.
So my tongue slides along the spoon
lapping up every last drop of you.
Ah, so smooth, and yet so cold.
Tasting you again and again gives me goosebumps
but by the time it’s over
all I’m left with is an icy spoon
and an empty cardboard container.
You make me smile for a while
but once the narcotic endorphin rush is gone
I close my eyes with a sigh
and tell myself that tomorrow,
tomorrow I’ll find someone new.
But I never do
and I always come back
to you.

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