A Brief History of Britannia

There are many tomes scattered throughout the Ether on the subject of Britannian history, so I shall endeavour to be brief.

The name of my homeland is Britannia, and a finer world thou shalt never see. There are many worlds and realms hidden to us in the unseen reaches of the Ether, but Britannia is by far the most fair and magickal of them all. I say this as one whose journey has lead me through many lands where I have seen many wonders oft unknown to mortal eyes. I bid thee, dear Traveler, listen to my story and tell me if thou doth disagree.

The earliest epoc of this land known clearly to historians and scholars is the Age of Sosaria. In these ancient times, the very lay of the land was quite different from what it is now.

Then, the First Age of Darkness fell. In his quest for power, the mad wizard Mondain trapped the very soul of the world in a Gem of Immortality. It is said that for a time, he truly was immortal, and his dark magick spread unchecked throughout the realm. Sosaria would have been lost, were it not for the Hero From Another World who came to Sosaria under the tutelege of a Lord British and travelled back in time to smash the Gem of Immortality before Mondain could fully tap its power.

Mondain was slain, but unbeknownst to all, his apprentice Minax fled to other realms to plot revenge for the death of her dark master. This was the start of the Second Age of Darkness. Her own power may have surpassed even that of Mondain as she launched on assault through space and time on many realms, . The very homeworld of Lord British and the Hero from Another World. For a time, the whole history of that world was thrown into darkness as her evil minions poured into the many eras and lands of the realm. But again, it was the Hero from Another World who faced the evil enchantress and emerged victorious.

Of all the legacies in all of the realms that I have visited, Mondain's was surely the most sordid. For even with the death of Minax it did not end. A Third Age of Darkness fell upon the land.

With the Ages of Darkness behind them, the people of Sosaria had grown weary of the terrible reign of evil wizards. Lord British, the rising ruler of Britannia, established a philosophy know variously as the Eight Virtues or the Way of the Avatar. His goal, and the goal of all good people of the realm, was to establish a set of guidelines through which the people of the land might seek lives of Truth, Love, and Courage rather than seeking to exploit and rule over one another.

But even as all of Britannia rearranged its citizenry and worship along the lines of this philosophy, it was still an abstraction. Once again, the Hero from Another World was summoned to the land - but this time, his greatest opponent lay within his own spirit. For to unite the people of the land against the forces of darkness, he would become an Avatar, the embodiment and Champion of these Virtues. Only then could the dream of a realm whose citizens did not turn to evil become a reality. Only then could the land become whole and hale.

Thus began the Age of Virtue. The Hero From Another World returned once again to the realm now known as Britannia. In the past, he had come to rid the land of evil wizards and magicks. This time, he came for a higher purpose - to challenge the shadows that inhabits each of our souls and show us all that there is a more spiritual Way.

'Tis said that this Quest of the Avatar was both the most difficult and most rewarding of all Quests undertaken in Britannia, even by one so great as this Hero. He journeyed to the most sacred Shrines of Virtue, and he journeyed to the darkest depths of the Dungeons of Vice. He fought many fierce beasts and brigands along the way, but none so ferocious as the daemons in his own spirit. In the end, it was only in the depths of the deepest dungeons that he found himself, kneeling before the sacred Altars of Truth, Love, and Courage. He did indeed become Avatar of the Eight Virtues, lighting the flames of Virtue in the hearts of all good Britannians ever since.

There is more history to tell, but I leave it to the seasoned adventurer to seek out more information through the mystical Ether and discussions throughout the land of Britannia. Those who are born of this world will likely know of its history, and if thou art kind and gracious, they shall shall be sure to share it with thee.