Ultima Fiction

As an author, my greatest goal in life is to write my own original works and have them published and appreciated. However, when I'm not writing original fiction, I do take time every now and then to write Ultima fan fiction!

--- Fan Fiction ---
Ultima 0: Origins


My earliest attempts at Ultima fan fiction haven't survived through the ages. I was a teenager, I didn't keep good records, and they were very short and limited in quality anyway. Now, though, as an adult, I've decided to preserve all of my Ultima fiction on this site.

My primary Ultima fan fiction goal is to write an entire series of novels that tells the tale of the complete main Ultima series. Since this is not the project that I'm devoting the most of my time to, though, it will take a good number of years for me to complete it.

So far, I've completed the first chapter of the first book, "Ultima 0: Origins." This book provides a narrative of the earliest known days of Sosaria and the entrance of many of our favorite characters into Britannia. Chapter 1, titled "Zog," tells the story of the earliest known inhabitant of Sosaria and the final moments of his civilization. It offers a glimpse into the reasons why Zog may have done what we know he did -- and yet, even this glimpse only leaves us with more questions and mysteries.