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Your Community Spirit 2014-11-07

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News includes Illinois Approves Secret Fracking Rules; JCAR Wins Big With Fracking-Related Campaign Cash; Fracking Banned In City That Invented It; Tar Sands Industry Loses $17.1 Billion Thanks To Public Opposition; Carbondale Parks District Launches Make A Solar Splash Kickstarter. Happenings include Farmers Market; Shred Day; I Can Read Fundraiser; Native Foods Harvest Potluck Dinner; Sustainable Campus Market; Labyrinth Peace Garden Restoration Group.

Your Community Spirit 2014-10-31

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News includes Falling Gas Prices Bad For Climate; We Should Be As Concerned About Climate Change As We Are About ISIS; Young Voters Like Candidates Who Favor Environment, But May Not Vote; Colorado's Fracking Regulators Aren't Regulating; How To Eat Local During Zombie Apocalypse. Happenings include Bucky Dome Sculpture At Labyrinth Peace Garden; Farmers Market; Craft Bazaar And Bake Sale; Peace Coalition Monthly Vigil. WDBX Costume Ball; Pay It Forward Fundraiser For Women's Center; Gaia House RSO Meeting; Transpoetic Playground; Sustainable Campus Market; 11-11 Day Of Service.

Your Community Spirit 2014-10-24

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News includes Scientists Can Now See Fracking Fingerprint In Water; City Of South Miami Calls For South Florida Seccession; Massachusetts And California Lead U.S. In Energy Efficiency; Keystone XL Pipeline Necessity Case Faces Jury In Oklahoma; U.K. Climate Activists Take Divestment To The Banks. Happenings include LGBTQ History Month; Genetic Roulette Film Showing; Movie And Pizza Party; Farmers Market; Carbondale Zombie Walk; Race, Policing, Justice, And Media; Ralph Anderson Interfaith Dialogues; Taste Of Faith; Sustainable Campus Farm; Civilian Conservation Corps Worker Speaks On Campus.

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