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Your Community Spirit 2016-03-04

27:48 minutes (12.73 MB)

News includes Climate Impact Predicted To Cause 500,000 Extra Deaths By 2050; New York Lost Billions With Fossil Fuel Investments; Climate Activists Threaten To Shut Down World's Major Coal Sites; Milan Wants To Pay People To Bicycle To Work; For First Time, Solar Will Be Top New Source Of Grid Energy This Year. Happenings include Cousin Andy's Coffeehouse; Farmers Market; Vigil For Peace And Justice; Labyrinth Walk; Global Perspective On Education For Women And Girls; Spring Cleanup Day.

Your Community Spirit 2016-02-19

15:44 minutes (7.2 MB)

News includes 175 Oil And Gas Companies Could Go Bankrupt This Year; Prisoners Draw Corporate Evil-Doers Who Should Be In Jail But Aren't; Coalition of U.S. States Pledges To Accelerate Renewable Energy Efforts. Happenings include Chicken Farm Info And Planning Meeting; Movie And Pizza Party; Seed Swap; Black History Month; New Humanist Forum; 778 Bullets Film Showing; Continuing The Conversation; Questions Of Faith And Reality. NOTE: A portion of the broadcast episode was not included in this podcast episode due to technical difficulties with the audio recording.

Your Community Spirit 2016-02-12

28:10 minutes (12.89 MB)

News includes Gas Leak At Porter Ranch Well Is Stopped Temporarily; Majority Of Science Teachers Are Teaching Climate Change, But Not Always Correctly; Nearly 3,000 Climate Scientists Condemn Australia's Dramatic Research Cuts; Supreme Court Halts Clean Power Plan; What Happens When An NAACP Leader Becomes A Climate Activist. Happenings include Farmers Market; Nightingale For DuBois; Black History Month; Flyover Gardens Open House; Can You Dig This; Continuing The Conversation.

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