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Your Community Spirit 2015-01-09

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News includes Big Nerdy Study Says To Leave Damn Fossil Fuels In The Ground; Australia So Hot That Even The Grapes Wear Sunscreen; Fracking Definitely Causing Earthquakes; New Seattle Law Says No Food In Trash; Cycling Keeps You Young. Happenings include Farmers Market; Martin Luther King Celebration Community Choir Practice; Adult Literacy Volunteer Program; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Community Celebration.

Your Community Spirit 2015-01-02

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News includes Climate Change's Calling Card In 2015: Heat; India To Fund $158 Million For 1 Gigawatt Of Solar Projects; Christmas Is Over, Time To Throw Your Tree To The Goats; 10 Green Resolutions For 2015. Happenings include Farmers Market; Peace Coalition Monthly Vigil; Racial Justice Coalition; Martin Luther King Celebration Community Choir Practice.

Your Community Spirit 2014-12-26

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News includes New York Strongly Approves Of State's New Ban On Fracking; Four Executives Indicted From Company Behind West Virginia Chemical Spill; Bad News For Wheat And Eaters Everywhere; Climate Hawks Push Carbon Fee Bill; 269 Sunken Turbines To Make Scotland Home To World's Largest Tidal Farm. Happenings include Farmers Market; Stone Soup Picnic; Martin Luther King Celebration Community Choir Practice.

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