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Your Community Spirit 2016-08-26

27:56 minutes (12.79 MB)

News includes Delware-Sized Chunk Of Ice Could Dislodge From Antarctic Shelf; Climate Change Will Cost Millennials More Than Student Debt Or The Great Recession; Native American Pipeline Protest Halts Construction In North Dakota; Climate Activists Arrested While Protesting Offshore Drilling; Chilean Solar Delivers Cheapest Electricity Ever, Anywhere, By Any Technology. Happenings include Fourth Friday Fair; Derby, Baby Film Screening; WDBX Summer Street Festival; Pasta And Trivia Fun-raiser; Frack Free Fest; Freecycle; Continuing The Conversation; Farmers Market.

Your Community Spirit 2016-08-19

28:00 minutes (12.81 MB)

News includes July Makes 15 Record Hot Months In A Row; In A Warming World, Deluges Like Louisiana's Expected To Increase; Native American Protesters Disrupt Work On Oil Pipeline; U.K. Approves World's Largest Wind Farm; Renewables Soar By 70 Percent In World's 20 Major Economies. Happenings include Green Earth Volunteer Workday; New Humanist Forum; Continuing The Conversation; Farmers Market; WDBX Summer Street Festival; Freecycle.

Your Community Spirit 2016-08-12

28:18 minutes (12.95 MB)

News includes Epic Middle East Heat Wave Could Be Global Warming's Hellish Courtain-Raiser; Murdoch-Owned TV Channel Will Air Landmark Climate Series Right Before Election; Latest Community To Crack Down On Fossil Fuel Shipments; First American Offshore Wind Turbines Installed. Happenings include Back To School Bash; Continuing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground; Farmers Market; New Humanist Forum; Freecycle.

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