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Your Community Spirit 2016-05-27

30:30 minutes (13.96 MB)

News includes Global CO2 Emissions Still Accelerating; Indians Demand Government Action After Temperatures Hit 51 Celsius; Exxon Mobil's Shareholders Meeting Overrun By Climate Demands; More Americans Now Work In Solar Power Than The Extraction Of Oil And Gas, Or Coal; Meet The Next Generation Of Bus. Happenings include Fourth Friday Fair; Annual Plant Sale; Harvesting 101; Grand Opening Of Super Splash Park; Human Trafficking Discussion; Game Night At Gaia House; Honor Veterans, Wage Peace; Labyrinth Walk; Third Annual Garden Tour.

Your Community Spirit 2016-05-20 Part 2

18:06 minutes (8.29 MB)

Interview with Aur "Da Energy Mon" Beck about WDBX's "Power The Tower" campaign. This summer, WDBX-FM will be working with local solar energy installer Advanced Energy Solutions to make WDBX the first solar-powered non-profit in Southern Illinois! This interview originally aired on the "Bang Bang Bang" show on WDBX which airs after Your Community Spirit. It is included in the Your Community Spirit podcast because it features an interview with Aur "Da Energy Mon" Beck.

Your Community Spirit 2016-05-20

31:51 minutes (14.58 MB)

News includes Climate Change Puts 1.3 Billion People and 158 Trillion Dollars At Risk, Says World Bank; 99 Percent Chance That This Will Be Hottest Year On Record; Youth Win Climate Case Against Massachusetts In State's High Court; Solar Power Is Already Saving Lives In The U.S. Happenings include May 2016 Bicycle Scavenger Hunt; Bike To Work Day; Movie And Pizza Party; Rainbow Cafe's Third Annual Yard Sale; WDBX Yard Sale; Bell Smith Springs Hike; Continuing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground; Poor Health: Health Consequences Of Extended Poverty; Farmers Market; Annual Plant Sale; Grand

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