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Your Community Spirit 2014-06-27

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News includes U.S. Mayors Call For Emergency Action On Climate Change; Climate Action Could Spur $2 Trillion In Economic Growth; Everything We Know About Neonic Pesticides Is Awful; Pop-Up Solar Station Looks Like Optimus Prime; Put Spare Change To Good Use With Crowdfunded Science. Happenings include Sustainable Film Series; Friday Night Fair; Movie And Pizza Party; Farmers Market; Bullied Film Showing; Pastors For Peace; Renewable Energy And Sustainable Lifestyle Fair.

Your Community Spirit 2014-06-20

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News includes 25th Annual Energy Fair; Put Solar On It Day; Elon Musk Wants To Revolutionize Solar Panel Production; Magic Bus Recharges While You Dig For Your Fare; Campaign To Pave American Roads With Solar Panels Just Passed $2 Million In Donations. Happenings include Friday Night Fair; Farmers Market; Green Earth Community Play Day; WDBX Summer Street Festival.

Your Community Spirit 2014-06-13

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News includes The Inevitable Demise Of The Fossil Fuel Empire; Pentagon Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown; Union Theological Seminary In NYC Unanimously Votes To Divest From Fossil Fuels; Tom Steyer's Latest Project Will Help Climate Change Victims; Tesla Abandons Patents, Aims To Spur Electric Car Revolution; New Cli-Fi Blog Tells Tale Of American Climate Refugee In 2030. Happenings include Friday Night Fair; Farmers Market; Queen Of The Sun Film Showing; Fractivist Day Of Action.

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