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Your Community Spirit 2016-12-30

29:05 minutes (13.32 MB)

News includes India's Renewable Promise; Las Vegas Runs Municipal Facilities On Renewables; Reindeer Grazing Helps Increase Amount Of Sunlight Reflected Back Into Space.

Your Community Spirit 2016-12-23

30:33 minutes (13.98 MB)

Featuring an interview with Sharon about the Illinois Global Scholars Program. News includes North Pole 50 Degrees Warmer Than Usual; Arctic Ice Melt Already Affecting Weather Patterns Where You Live Right Now; Climate Change Played A Role In Dozens Of Floods, Heatwaves, And Droughts Last Year; Seattle Judge Rules Children's Climate Change Lawsuit Can Proceed; India Plans Nearly 60 Percent Of Electricity Capacity From Non-Fossil Fuels By 2027. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Continuing The Conversation; Water Ways Exhibit; Labyrinth Walk.

Your Community Spirit 2016-12-16

29:26 minutes (13.47 MB)

News includes Methane Emissions Racing Toward Nightmare Status; Portland Bans New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure In Stand Against Climate Change; Scientists Try To Download Government Climate Data Before It Disappears Forever; Deepwater Gets Okay For Full Throttle At Block Island Wind Farm; Solar Capacity Growth Has Increased 99 Percent Since Last Quarter. Happenings include Donations For Standing Rock; Silent Art Auction; Art Exhibit By Encarcerated People From Stateville Prison; Movie And Pizza Party; Cousin Andy's Concert Series; Farmers Market; Girls Rock Carbondale Presents 13th Documentary;