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Your Community Spirit 2017-07-21

28:29 minutes (13.04 MB)

News includes Every Coal Waste Dump Is A Disaster Waiting To Happen; Florida Town Requires Solar On New Homes; 3 Million Mercedes Cars Got Recalled Over Emissions Concerns; No Talking Climate Change To Zuckerberg, White House Tells Scientist; Trump's Plot To Shrink The EPA Isn't Going As Planned; First Half of 2017 Was The Second Hottest To Date; Game Of Thrones Took Its Climate Change Metaphor Even Further. Happenings include Looking To The Future: Growing New Energy Jobs Downstate; Illinois Wildflowers For Home Gardens; Labyrinth Walk; Labyrinth Peace Park Restoration Group; Champion Tree Co

Your Community Spirit 2017-07-14

29:45 minutes (13.62 MB)

News includes Trillion-Ton Delaware-Size Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf; Ranchers Fight Keystone XL Pipeline By Building Solar Panels In Its Path; Climate Change Will Hit Southern Poor Hardest, US Economic Analysis Shows; Volve Is The First Mainstream Automaker To Say Goodbye Gas, Hello Electric; This Is How Climate Change Will Shift The World's Cities; China Just Built A 250-Acre Solar Farm Shaped Like A Giant Panda. Happenings include Fresh Fitness; WDBX House Party; New Humanist Forum; Continuing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground; Brown Bag Concert Series; Cairo C

Your Community Spirit 2017-06-30

28:34 minutes (13.08 MB)

News includes Public Comments About Fracking Well Are On Hold; Warming Brews Big Trouble In Coffee Birthplace Ethiopia; BMW Tests Electric Cars As Power Grid Stabilizers; Southwest's Deadly Heat Wave Previews Life In A Warming World; Trial Date Set For Children's Climate Lawsuit Against US Government. Happenings include Rainbow Cafe Annual Yard Sale; Fresh Fitness; Peace And Justice Vigil; Labyrinth Walking Meditation; Continuing The Conversation; Brown Bag Concert Series; Cool Spoons Fundraiser For The Women's Center; Eco Theater Camp; Champion Tree Contest.