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Your Community Spirit 2016-07-29

27:10 minutes (12.43 MB)

News includes World's Largest Carbon Producers Face Landmark Human Rights Case; High Chance That Current Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases Commit To Warmings Greater Than 1.5 Celsius Over Land; 10,000 March In Philly Calling For A Clean Energy Revolution; Sun-Powered Airplane Completes Historic Trip Around The World. Happenings include Alternatives To Lawns; Continuing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground; Farmers Market; Vigil For Peace And Justice; Hiroshima And Nagasaki Commemoration.

Your Community Spirit 2016-07-22

33:19 minutes (15.25 MB)

News includes Blazing Hot First Half Of 2016 Sends Climate Records Tumbling; Extreme Heat Is Exhausting And Expensive; Tesla Wants To Help You Become Your Own Solar Utility, And Sell Lots Of Self-Driving Cars; Got Tons of CO2, Get More Giant Trees. Happenings include Power The Tower; Youth Fundraiser For Homeless Services; Fourth Friday Fair; Continuing The Conversation; Farmers Market; Questions Of Faith And Reality; Alternatives To Lawns.

Your Community Spirit 2016-07-15

28:04 minutes (12.85 MB)

News includes U.S. Faces Dramatic Rise In Extreme Heat, Humidity; Negative Emissions Key To Meeting 2 Degree Celsius Threshold; Pacific Islands Nations Consider World's First Treaty To Ban Fossil Fuels; Solar Impulse 2 Lands In Egypt In Penultimate Stop Of World Tour. Happenings include Solar Knowledge Course; New Humanist Forum; Continuing The Conversation; Farmers Market; Fourth Friday Fair; Alternatives To Lawns.