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Your Community Spirit 2006-02-24

31:20 minutes (7.18 MB)

Cheney's still got his gun, and Bush achieves the end of the civilized world. Happenings include wind energy research in Southern Illinois; Big Muddy Film Fest; benefit for the Irish Fest; Shawnee Audobon presentation; Big Muddy IMC's Free Film Friday; art at Rosetta Stone Bookstore; and the Vagina Monologues. News includes unplugging cell phone chargers to stay energy; paying people to recycle; driving under the influence of ethanol; Treesong speculates on Bush's vision of biofuels; recycled dog poop powers San Francisco; flex fuel hybrids abound; alcohol can be a gas (and a book!); Bush rehi

Your Community Spirit 2006-02-17

29:48 minutes (6.83 MB)

Happenings include Buddhist mandala on campus; international culture show on campus; Big Muddy IMC films and new Wednesday videos; and Food Not Bombs at the Interfaith Center. News includes Wal-Mart setbacks in Southern Illinois; SIUC expands three federally challenged fellowships to include disadvantaged white males; polar bears endangered by global warming; bald eagle may be kicked off endangered list; John Ashcroft is a good singer; more scientists report global warming censorship; Austria embraces renewable energy; taxpayers subsidize oil; Japan offers 5 out of the top 10 most green cars;

Your Community Spirit 2006-02-10

29:56 minutes (6.85 MB)

Aur returns, and cold winter weather ensues. Earthwatch News discusses energy efficiency. Happenings include Food Not Bombs, Saluki Cycles meetings and expansion, public help with your home energy bills, and Big Muddy IMC. News includes Aur's news from Mexico; Bush's relapse to the "oil addiction" he mentioned in his State of the Union address; Bush's cuts to energy efficiency and renewables research; proposals to do more oil drilling; evangelical Christians fight global climate change; new power meters to help reduce energy use; frogs getting fungus from pregnancy test; and Sweden aims to phase out oil in 15 years.