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Your Community Spirit 2012-04-27

News includes Occupy Updates Daily; High Gas Prices Affecting U.S. Drivers Differently This Time; Burger King Pledges Cage-Free Pork; Yet Another GMO Resistant To An Herbicide; 10 Green Topics Worth Losing Sleep Over. Happenings include Unite Against War on Women; International Coffee Hour; Local Foods Dinner; Open Mic; Salsa Dancing; Habitat for Humanity; AIDS Memorial Service; 11 Days of Compassion; Interfaith Dialog on Compassion in Religious and Public Space; Lunchtime Yoga Basics; Landscaping with Native Wildflowers at Giant City; Sale to Fight World Hunger in honor of Margie Parker. NOTE: Six minutes into the recording, there was a technical difficulty. About 4 minutes of audio were lost. This gap was edited down to about three seconds in post-production.