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Your Community Spirit 2013-10-25

News includes Study Shows Humans Are Jerks; Northeast US Producing More Natural Gas Than Saudi Arabia; Koch Brothers Could Make $100 Billion On Keystone XL; Russia Drops Piracy Charges, Alleges Activists Are Hooligans; Chicago Makes It Easier To Put Solar Panels On Roofs; Eight US States Band Together To Put Millions Of Zero Emissions Vehicles On The Road; Inflatable Community Space Happens To Be Inside Dumpster. Happenings include 11 Days For Peace; 30 Years Of Peace Coalition Flyers; Take Back The Night; Open Mic At Gaia House; Carbondale Farmer's Market; Carbondale Community Farmer's Market; Circles Of Peace Labyrinth Event; WDBX Halloween Costume Ball; Free Again Volunteer Day; Keep Carbondale Beautiful Town Meeting; Community Racial Justice Coalition.