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Your Community Spirit 2017-05-12

29:46 minutes (13.63 MB)

News includes GOP Fails To Kill Methane Rule In A Capitol Hill Defeat For Oil And Gas Industry; Global Climate Talks Open With Tiny US Delegation; Thawing Alaska Permafrost Sends Autumn CO2 Emissions Surging; New Book On The Climate Crisis Makes The Persuasive Case That We're Not Doomed. Happenings include National Bike Month 2017; Freecycle; SAFE Skill Share: Researching Corporations; Continuing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground.

Your Community Spirit 2017-05-05

29:36 minutes (13.55 MB)

News includes Hundreds Of Thousands Demanded Climate Action In 90-Degree Weather On Trump's 100th Day; Flooding Forces Evacuations At SIU Carbondale, Roadway Closures Across Region; NYC Creates Climate Change Roadmap For Builders: Plan For Rising Seas: US Wind Energy Installations Surge. Happenings include For Kids' Sake 17th Annual Art Auction; Divination Performance Art At The Varsity Center; Spring Cleanup And Recycling Day: Round Two; Solar Knowledge For Beginners; Vigil For Peace And Justice; Breaking The Surface And Open House; Labyrinth Walk; Cardboard Boat Regatta.

Your Community Spirit 2017-04-28

28:41 minutes (13.13 MB)

News includes The Next March Is All About Climate Change; Extreme Arctic Melt Is Raising Sea Level Rise Threat; Meet The Fixer: This Teenager Gives The Youngest Generation A Voice; Today's Energy Jobs Are In Solar, Not Coal. Happenings include Fourth Friday Fair; Sign-Making Event Resist; Native Plant Sale; People's Climate March; Circle Of Ritual Wonderment; Transpoetic Playground; Divination; Spring Cleanup And Recycling Day: Round Two.