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Your Community Spirit 2017-10-27

32:04 minutes (14.68 MB)

News includes Once-Rare Flooding Could Hit NYC Every 5 Years With Climate Change; Sea Level Rise Could Flood 1.9 Million U.S. Homes By 2100; In Lead-Up To U.N. Talks, Climate Change Meets Theater; Solar Panel Installer Is Fastest-Growing Job In U.S.; Puerto Rico's Solar Future Takes Shape At Children's Hospital. Happenings include Take Back The Night March And Celebration; The Great Carbondale Pumpkin Race; CCA Halloween Costume Contest; Full Moon At The Varsity With Ivas John; Girls Rock Afterschool; The Transpoetic Playground.

Your Community Spirit 2017-10-13

30:27 minutes (13.94 MB)

News includes Warming Drives Unexpected Pulses Of CO2 From Forest Soil; California's Out-Of-Control Wildfires Are Officially The Worst In State History; Great News For The Climate As Banking Giant Ditches Tar Sands, Arctic Drilling; Tesla Could Help Puerto Rico Power Up Again With Solar Microgrids. Happenings include Unity Point Sunset Concert And Silent Auction; Meow Or Never Rescue Fun Run; Pumpkin Glow: The Pumpkin Carvings; Outdoor Spanish Immersion Class; New Humanist Forum.

Your Community Spirit 2017-10-06

29:09 minutes (13.35 MB)

News includes Alarm As Study Reveals World's Tropical Forests Are Huge Carbon Emission Sources; Solar Energy Boom Sets New Records, Shattering Expectations; General Motors Is Going All Electric; Scottish Government Bans Fracking After Public Opposition; Major Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Cancelled, Dealing Blow To Canada's Export Hopes. Happenings include Couldn't Stand The Weather: Texas And Florida Fundraiser; Natural Beekeeping Workshop; Native Tree And Shrub Sale; Vigil For Peace And Justice; Vigil For Vegas; Babysitters Clinic; Go Solar And Smart Grid; Pumpkin Glow: The Pumpkin Carvings; Outdoo