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Your Community Spirit 2017-09-08

29:57 minutes (13.71 MB)

News includes Irma, The Strongest Atlantic Hurricane In History, Tears Through The Caribbean; Potent Mix Of Record Heat And Dryness Fuels Wildfires Across The West; Hurricane Harvey's Aftermath Could See Pioneering Climate Lawsuits; Japan Looks To Combine Solar Power With Mushroom Farming; Your Solar Panels Could Power The Neighborhood During A Blackout.

Your Community Spirit 2017-09-01

29:32 minutes (13.52 MB)

News includes Catastrophic Storms, Once Rare, Are Almost Routine; When It Rains, It Pours; California's Goal: An Electricity Grid Moving Only Clean Energy; We've Been Underestimating Solar's Momentum. Happenings include Freecycle; Fresh Fitness; Continuing The Conversation; Transpoetic Playground; Game Night.

Your Community Spirit 2017-08-25

29:16 minutes (13.4 MB)

News includes Researchers Took On Exxon's Dare To Prove It Misled The Public About Climate Change; How Deeply Will Rising Temperatures Cut Into Crop Yields; Solar-Powered Mobile Clinic To Be Featured At International Expo On Smart Technology; World's Largest Floating Solar Farm Is Producing Energy Atop A Former Coal Mine. Happenings include Fourth Friday Fair; Fresh Fitness; Continuing The Conversation; Game Night.