Stop The Harassment. Support Clinic Access.

Keep the buffer and run Coalition Life out of town

Stop The Harassment. Support Clinic Access.

On May 16, an anti-choice organization called Coalition Life announced that it’s filing a lawsuit in federal court challenging the constitutionality of a Carbondale ordinance that prohibits protestors from approaching people within 100 feet of a medical clinic.

The article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a good overview of the basics of the situation. Since I live in Carbondale and can’t stand what Coalition Life is doing in our community, I’m here to add a few important points of information and share my commentary on the matter.

Illinois Region 5 Restaurant Mitigation Compliance

Governor Pritzker recently announced new mitigation measures for Illinois Region 5. These measures include stopping all indoor service at restaurants and bars until the region’s positivity rate is lower.

Some restaurants in Region 5 have expressed their intent to defy these mitigation measures, thus endangering the health and lives of many people in their communities and region. In response to this concerning development, I’ve created a public spreadsheet called Illinois Region 5 Restaurant Mitigation Compliance. This spreadsheet is a volunteer effort to track which restaurants are complying with or defying the mitigation measures.