Spooky Climate Stories For Halloween

Spooky Climate Stories For Halloween

Halloween is a great time to read spooky stories. In honor of Halloween, I’ve published two of my spookiest climate fiction short stories as ebooks!

Both of these short stories are now available on my Ko-fi page as standalone ebooks.

Members can read both short stories for free! If you’re not a member, these stories are $1 each. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to read a spooky horror story with a climate twist.

Most of my other writing isn’t horror, so I do want to include a mild disclaimer. These are both horror stories written with an adult audience in mind. Therefore, they do both contain some violence and unsettling situations.

But that’s half the fun for horror readers, right? Hopefully these stories are just the right amount of creepy to suit your tastes in Halloween horror.

When It Thaws by Treesong

“When It Thaws” is a short story about zombies.

A remote research station in Alaska succumbs to a zombie virus outbreak. Metacopia, the corporation that runs the station, sends a scientist and a team of security operatives to investigate.

Is climate change to blame for the zombie outbreak? Dr. Alice Winchester intends to find out!

Climate Clowns by Treesong

“Climate Clowns” is a short story about killer clowns.

People with fossil fuel industry ties start dying under unusual circumstances. Ezra Monday, an environmental reporter, decides to follow a lead about a killer clown.

Are killer clowns going after climate criminals? How far will Ezra go to find out? And will he be ready for what he finds?

To read “When It Thaws,” “Climate Clowns,” and many more stories, please visit my Ko-fi page.

I hope you enjoy reading my spooky climate fiction! Let me know if you have any feedback about these stories or ideas for other spooky climate stories you’d like to read. In the meantime, thanks for reading!

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