Climate Justice Alliance

I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the Winter 2021 Donation Poll is Climate Justice Alliance!

I’ve made a $25 donation to Climate Justice Alliance in support of their good work. I also encourage my readers, listeners, and followers to support this organization in whatever ways they can. This includes spreading the word online and by word of mouth, volunteering for a member organization in your area, and donating to Climate Justice Alliance and its member organizations.

Donation Poll

As part of my Real-Life Superhero mission, I donate at least 10% of the proceeds from all writing-related income to nonprofit organizations. Earlier this year, I decided that this should include (but not be limited to) a seasonal (quarterly) donation to a nonprofit organization based directly on how much writing income I had in the previous quarter.

I’ll be making my first such donation on Winter Solstice 2021 — and you can help decide where I donate!

The theme I’ve chosen for this winter’s donation is Indigenous Climate Justice. Given my own emphasis on climate, most if not all of these donations will have some connection to the climate crisis and climate justice. But these organizations have a mission related to climate justice and are either indigenous-led or include support for indigenous communities and causes in their work.

This time around, the winner of the poll will receive $25. If you want to help decide who receives this winter’s donation, please vote in the poll.

Money Puzzle
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Since I’m not making big bucks yet as an author and quirky media personality, I’ve decided to diversify my income-generating strategies.

My new approach to making money involves working on two separate fronts: “paid remote work” and “building a career as an author (and quirky media personality).”