Climate Art

This is a collection of art projects related to the climate crisis and climate justice. If you have any suggestions for additions to this collection, let me know.

The Tempestry Project

The Tempestry Project blends fiber art with temperature data to create a bridge between global climate and our own personal experiences through knitted or crocheted temperature tapestries, or “Tempestries.” Each Tempestry represents the daily high temperature for a given year and location, January at the bottom and December at the top (think bar graphs!), all using the same yarn colors and temperature ranges (see the Tempestry Project site for details).

I don’t remember where I first heard about the Tempestry Project, but I learned much more about it on a great episode of the Warm Regards podcast. It’s a fascinating project that exists at the intersection of fiber art, scientific data, and climate communication. Some people are drawn in by just one of those threads, but in the end each Tempestry serves as a creative blend of all three elements, along with the personal experiences of participants and the local history incorporated in each Tempestry.