Climate Music

Music speaks to audiences in a unique way. Some people who have little interest in climate fiction or creative climate nonfiction may find themselves drawn in by a particularly catchy or compelling song about the climate crisis.

I haven’t heard that many published songs yet that focus primarily or entirely on the climate crisis and climate justice. I have heard some, though, and I’m confident that there are many more out there. I’m currently in the process of collecting all of the ones that I’ve already heard and finding more to enjoy and share. If you have any tips, let me know.

Young People Marching

Raffi Cavoukian, award-winning children’s singer/songwriter, has also written songs about the climate crisis.

For years, like so many people, I knew Raffi as the man behind the “Baby Beluga” song, which I often sang to my daughter with the words “Baby Bedelia.” I was excited to discover that he’s also an ecological advocate with a collection of several recent songs about the climate crisis and a Raffi Foundation for Child Honoring that takes a children-first approach to healing communities and restoring ecosystems. He has also released a retrospective video compilation of “Earth Songs” featuring fourteen ecologically-themed songs from throughout his career,

Young People Marching is Raffi’s song about Greta Thunberg and other youth climate strikers. Cool It is a call for climate action. Do We Love Enough speaks to the connection between our love for children and the green actions we can take for the sake of children and future generations.

On A High Hill

On A High Hill is a solo album by Anna Fritz, a cellist and folksinger based in Portland, Oregon. Anna’s cello work has been featured on more than 50 albums by many bands including the Decemberists.The album is like an intimate concert, with Anna recording her cello and singing at the same time, just as she does in live performance. It explores themes of colonization, climate change, racial justice, and connection to the natural world. There’s a surprising power and beauty in the simple combination of soaring cello music and soulful vocals about climate justice.

I first heard about Anna Fritz on Episode 15 of the Citizens’ Climate Radio podcast. The Arthouse section of Citizens’ Climate Radio features many creative responses to the climate crisis, including numerous musicians.