Climate Christmas Carols

Climate Christmas Carols

Climate Christmas Carols
Caroling image:
Gustavo Rezende from Pixabay

Climate Christmas Carols is a new collection of climate-themed Christmas carols collected and edited by Franz for Future. This wonderful collection features 72 Advent and Christmas carols whose lyrics have been adapted to make a statement about the climate crisis. It includes some songs in English and others in German. Credit is given to both the original songwriters and the individuals or groups who wrote the new climate lyrics.

It even includes I Want Climate Justice For You, which is my climate song parody of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Some of these songs are funny. Others are serious. Some of them are both funny and serious. All of them help in their own way to raise awareness about the climate crisis and what we can do for climate justice.

One of the most impressive aspects of this Climate Christmas Carols collection is that it includes the sheet music! People who want to sing these carols at home or in organized caroling groups can do so without having to track down the sheet music.

With Franz for Future’s permission, I have included the Climate Christmas Carols PDF below. You’re welcome to share it with anyone who would like to sing Christmas carols about the climate crisis and climate justice.

I would also like to share a quote from Franz for Future’s email about the Climate Christmas Carols collection. These words serve as an excellent expression of the spirit of this collection. When we work together to respond to the climate crisis, we rekindle the hope for climate justice.

Original Franz for Future Quote (German):

Wir leben im Klimaschutz-Advent.
Der Advent ist die Zeit des “Noch nicht”.
Eine Zeit des Wartens und Hoffens.
Wir warten auf wirksame Maßnahmen zur Bewältigung der Klimakrise.
Wir hoffen, dass die Klimakrise nicht zur Klimakatastrophe wird.
Wir warten auf die Abschaffung von klimaschädlichen Subventionen.
Wir hoffen auf Klimagerechtigkeit.
Wir warten. Wir hoffen.

Translation (English):

We live in climate protection Advent.
Advent is the time of “not yet”.
A time of waiting and hoping.
We are waiting for effective measures to deal with the climate crisis.
We hope that the climate crisis will not turn into a climate catastrophe.
We are waiting for the abolition of climate-damaging subsidies.
We hope for climate justice.
We are waiting. We hope.