Short Stories by Treesong

Cli-Fi Plus

Cli-Fi Plus is a climate fiction anthology with an emphasis on genre and theme crossovers. Each short story combines elements of cli-fi with elements of more established genres and themes in sci-fi and literary fiction. The result is an entertaining read that keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you wondering what will come next in the real-life climate crisis.

What does a cli-fi alien story look like? What does a cli-fi robot story look like? What does a cli-fi zombie story look like? What does a cli-fi time travel story look like? What does a cli-fi political thriller look like? What does literary cli-fi look like? Find the answers to these questions and more in Cli-Fi Plus!


The Marmalade Continuum

Now Available at Sci Phi Journal!

The Marmalade Continuum is a short story that explores the implications of the Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of Quantum Mechanics. MWI implies that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, with each alternate outcome existing in its own “world” or “universe” just as real as our own. Many fans of popular science and sci-fi are familiar with the basic premise. But what happens when someone takes this understanding of reality in a bizarre and ominous direction?

10% of Treesong’s income, including profit from novel and short story sales, is donated to Treesong’s Causes.