Winter 2021 Donation: Climate Justice Alliance

Climate Justice Alliance

I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the Winter 2021 Donation Poll is Climate Justice Alliance!

I’ve made a $25 donation to Climate Justice Alliance in support of their good work. I also encourage my readers, listeners, and followers to support this organization in whatever ways they can. This includes spreading the word online and by word of mouth, volunteering for a member organization in your area, and donating to Climate Justice Alliance and its member organizations.

Here’s a brief overview of the work of Climate Justice Alliance from their website:

We envision a world in which fairness, equity and ecological rootedness are core values

Climate Justice Alliance members have won significant victories against polluting and extractive industries. We are building local alternatives that center traditional ecological and cultural knowledge and create a pathway for a regenerative future.

I don’t have any direct connections with CJA or its member organizations. They don’t have a member organization Southern Illinois (yet!) and I don’t think I know any CJA organizers aside from people I follow on social media.

However, I’ve been deeply impressed by what I’ve seen of the organization from afar. They have developed a powerful climate justice practice that includes working on just transition, just recovery, energy democracy, food sovereignty, the It Takes Roots alliance, the Our Power Communities, the Reinvest Our Power campaign, climate justice policy, and related efforts.

I’ve also learned more about frontline climate justice campaigns and projects by following them and some of their member organizations on social media. This in turn has made it easier for me to find and share some of that news on social media and our local Your Community Spirit radio show so that people in Southern Illinois and beyond can learn about these important and transformative efforts.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Winter 2021 Donation Poll. And thank you to the Climate Justice Alliance for the work that you do for climate justice!


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