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Winter Ebook Sale

Happy winter! I’m pleased to announce that I’m having a big Winter Ebook Sale in honor of all of the winter holidays.

On December 21 (Winter Solstice) through December 25 (Christmas), all of my ebooks will be 50% off. This means that you can buy each ebook for just $2 instead of the usual $4.

Treat yourself to these entertaining and thought-provoking ebooks or give the gift to reading to your favorite bookworm!

All The Climate Feels

Climate change brings up a wide range of emotions. All The Climate Feels is a poetic exploration of the climate crisis, climate justice, and how it feels to be alive in times of profound change.

Treesong’s climate change poetry draws on his experiences as a father, husband, author, talk radio host, climate communicator, and Real-Life Superhero. All poems are free verse with style influenced by a combination of literary poets and the spoken word stylings of the Southern Illinois poetry scene. Tone within and among the poems varies widely, exploring feelings of utter despair, ecstatic inspiration, righteous indignation, somber reflection, moments of humor, and beyond.

This poetry collection helps the reader explore their “climate feels” and reflect on the role of the climate crisis in their lives and the world beyond their doorstep.

Change by Treesong

What does climate change look like in a world full of magic, superheroes, and secret societies?

Sarah Athraigh, an environmental activist from Southern Illinois, stumbles into the midst of a hidden war between occult factions that are grappling with the root causes and dire consequences of climate change. As she goes on the run, she soon finds herself on a journey of discovery, searching for the unusual allies and innovative ideas that will help her to make a difference for the better in a dangerous world.

Change is a contemporary fantasy tale featuring a strong female lead, Real Life Superheroes, secret societies, modern magic, political protests, the power of music, and a colorful cast of characters that Sarah meets along the way as she searches for solutions to the climate crisis.

Order by Treesong

If you had all the power in the world, would you stop climate change?

Truman Stuart is a man on a mission. As the new Preceptor of Order, it’s his job to oversee the survival and progress of human civilization. When he discovers that climate change poses an existential threat to humanity, the Preceptor knows that he has to find a way to stop it. But how can he solve a global crisis that his own organization and its powerful fossil fuel allies helped create?

Order is a contemporary fantasy tale featuring a powerful secret society, glimpses of magic and hypertech, an underground resistance called Anomalous Revolution, and a colorful cast of characters that the Preceptor meets along the way as he searches for solutions to the climate crisis.

Goodbye Miami by Treesong

What happens when global warming turns Americans into refugees?

Kass, an American climate refugee, flees Miami in the wake of a hurricane that leaves most of the city underwater. After moving in with her cousin in Southern Illinois, Kass struggles to deal with her displacement. She hopes to find a way to return to the city that she loves. But thanks to global warming, that city is now underwater. What starts as a search for survival quickly evolves into a struggle for the future of Miami — and the world.

Goodbye Miami is a dystopian political thriller featuring a strong female lead, climate refugees, political protests, community organizing, and creative solutions to the challenges of grassroots climate adaptation in a major city that has succumbed to catastrophic flooding.

Cli-Fi Plus by Treesong

Cli-Fi Plus is a climate fiction anthology with an emphasis on genre and theme crossovers. Each short story combines elements of cli-fi with elements of more established genres and themes in sci-fi and literary fiction. The result is an entertaining read that keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you wondering what will come next in the real-life climate crisis.

What does a cli-fi alien story look like? What does a cli-fi robot story look like? What does a cli-fi zombie story look like? What does a cli-fi time travel story look like? What does a cli-fi political thriller look like? What does literary cli-fi look like? Find the answers to these questions and more in Cli-Fi Plus!

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Proceeds: 10% or more of Treesong’s author income, including profit from novel and short story sales, is donated to organizations with a climate justice mission.