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Review Treesong’s Books

Review Treesong's Books
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Do you love reading? Do you ever write online reviews for the books you read?

Whether you’re a professional reviewer or just an avid reader who enjoys writing reviews, you may be eligible to receive a review copy of one or more of my ebooks.

If you’ve already read one of my book, go ahead and write a review! Check out the Ways to Review section for ideas about where to post your review.

If you want a review copy, you’re welcome to apply to become a part of my review team. Pick a book to start with and request a review copy.

If you’re looking for the reviews I write for other books, check out my book reviews section.

Request a Review Copy

I like using StoryOrigin to handle review requests. It’s convenient for me as an author to receive and track all of my review requests in one place. StoryOrigin is also helpful for avid readers or professional reviewers who want to request review copies from multiple authors. You’ll be able to find many new authors to review and keep track of all of your requests to receive review copies.

So far, the only book I have for review on StoryOrigin is my first novel, Change. You can request a review copy of Change on StoryOrigin. I expect to have my other published works available there by the end of August 2021, if not sooner.

Request Review Copies via Email

If you’re a professional reviewer, but you don’t have a StoryOrigin profile, please contact me. I distribute most of my review copies through StoryOrigin, and I encourage volunteer and professional reviewers to use that review request system. But I can also send a review copy directly to your inbox if you’re a published reviewer with experience relevant to the themes or genre of the book. For example, for my climate fiction books, I would like to see that you’ve published at least one other climate-themed or environment-themed book review.

Due to budget constraints, the availability of print review copies is currently very limited. I will consider your request for a print review copy if I know you, if you’re a professional reviewer, or if you have difficulty reading ebooks versus print books.

Ways to Review

If you’re a professional reviewer working for an established magazine, newsletter, etc, that’s great! Publishing a favorable review of one of my books in your publication is one of the best ways you can support an indie author. Reviews on .

If you’re looking for quick and easy places to post your reviews, here are some of the big ones:

I would love it if all of my reviewers posted to all of these sites. Reviews on these sites help new readers on these sites find my books. Of course, not all readers or reviewers are active on all of these sites. If you’re requesting to join my review team on StoryOrigin, though, being active on more sites is definitely a plus.