Are you looking for my books and merch? You’ve come to the right place! I have my own online shops on my website (climate change books), Bookshop (climate change books), Ko-fi, (my books),, (my interactive fiction), and Zazzle (my merch). You can also buy my books from most online and in-person booksellers.

Treesong’s Bookshop

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I have my own bookshop right here on this site! Treesong’s Bookshop features climate change books from you favorite booksellers. Browse my reading lists, choose a book, and choose which bookseller to buy it from (Bookshop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc.).

Print Books

Treesong's Bookshop

My favorite place to buy print books online is Treesong’s Bookshop. All of my books are available there. You can also browse dozens of my reading lists or search for any title in print with full distribution (Ingram). Best of all, donates a portion of the proceeds to local bookstores at no extra cost to you!


Treesong on Ko-Fi

You can buy all of my ebooks directly from me on Treesong’s Ko-fi. Buy individual books or read them all with a sliding-scale membership. If you prefer buying ebooks from big corporate sellers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. you can find all of those links on my Draft2Digital page.

Interactive Fiction

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Did you know I write interactive fiction? You can find all of my published interactive fiction on Treesong’s So far, it’s all free with a suggested donation. The more you donate there, the more I’ll work on interactive fiction. If you have any suggestions for future stories, or updates to existing stories, let me know!


Treesong on Zazzle

Did you know I sell merch? Not much yet, but I do. Check out Treesong’s Zazzle to see my designs for T-shirts and stickers. If you have suggestions for other designs and products you’d like to see on Zazzle, let me know! You can also check out my CafePress for a blast from the past. I don’t update CafePress anymore, but those items are still for sale.

Donations to Charity

I donate at least 10% of my proceeds from my writing and online shops to charity. I pick a theme each quarter, then select a nonprofit or community group to receive the donation for that season.

I used to do online polls to determine which charities receive the donations. The polls weren’t getting much engagement, so I discontinued that part of the process. If you’d like to see me start doing polls again so that you can help me decide which charities receive the donations, let me know!