Solar Power at Treesong’s Home

Photo by AES Solar.
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My family loves our solar power system!

I live in Southern Illinois with my wife, Grace; our daughter, Bedelia; and our dog, Kali. We have a residential solar power system (photovoltaic system) installed on our rooftop. This is our solar story.

Ever since I first learned about solar power in the late 90s, I’ve wanted to live in a house with a residential solar power system. Unfortunately, as a college student and a renter, I wasn’t able to install any solar power. When I met my wife, we were both interested in solar, but we were also still renters.

When my wife bought our family a house in 2018, that all changed. We knew that we wanted to install solar on our new house at some point. We just didn’t know when.

In September of 2020, we finally realized our solar dreams. AES Solar installed a rooftop solar power system on our house. We’re delighted with the results. I’m happy we chose to install solar with AES Solar. I’m also happy to talk about the details.

During sunny summer months, our solar system covers almost all of our energy needs, including charging our electric car. Therefore, our summer utility bills are very low. Our lowest monthly bill so far was $11! We’re still paying off our solar system, so we also have a monthly solar loan payment on top of that. But still, it’s great to see that utility bill go down to $11.

During the winter, we get far less sun, so our power bills go up. But the system does generate some electricity year-round, so our utility bills are always lower than they used to be. And the lower production in the winter is balanced out by all of that sunshine in the summer.

If you like graphs, you can see how much power our system generates by visiting our public solar power dashboard.

If you live in or near Southern Illinois, AES Solar can install your solar power system too! Please fill out this solar quote form to get a free solar consultation today. Be sure to tell them Treesong sent you. I’m happy with the work they did on our system and I’m sure they’ll do a good job on yours too!

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